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Madinaty Sparks Controversy Once Again: Will It Affect The Brand’s Reputation?

20 days of Ramadan have passed and we have been witnessing many adverts, campaigns, and a lot of controversy over adverts. This month is the perfect time for adverts since they are guaranteed to be seen, not just by the mass but also by marketing specialists to analyze the commercials. Therefore, copywriters always come up with creative ideas in order to create the best advert.

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What was different this Ramadan is having adverts making headlines and sparking controversy in a negative way that could cause damage to the brand’s name and reputation.

The advert that got the most negative feedback and faced a huge backlash is Madinaty by Talaat Moustafa Group and right when the fire was about to be put out, one single statement started another controversy and people raged at it.

Hesham Talaat Moustafa offends His Critics

Talaat Moustafa Group’s new Madinaty campaign backfired and received negative feedback. The advert was accused of class discrimination and was criticized for trying to state that Madinaty has a better community. It negatively went viral for the previous accusations and many people made fun of it. But this wasn’t all!

After Talaat Moustafa Group edited the advert and removed all phrases that bragged about the community, Hesham Talaat Moustafa made a comment in a phone interview with the TV presenter Amr Adeeb calling whoever criticized his campaign “Unstable” and “Bored and got nothing better to do than making fun of people and his campaign”.

Not a smart thing to say after receiving a backlash and being accused of class discrimination! People have raged once again at Talaat Moustafa Group because of this statement.

Could This Statement Ruin The Brand’s Reputation?

If you want to ruin a brand, ruin its reputation. The brand’s name and reputation are important factors that can create a successful and trustworthy brand, if anything ruined this reputation then it might lead to an inevitable death to the brand and the business.

The statement that Hesham Talaat Moustafa has said could negatively affect the brand’s reputation especially after the backlash the advert received for its class discrimination.

By this statement, Moustafa is asserting on the accusation that his brand received, calling the advert’s critics unstable and bored will not benefit the brand nor the campaign; every advert will face criticism and it has to be accepted since it is published to the mass.

What To Expect From Your Advert

Even the successful adverts receive criticism! With every advert being released, as a brand owner and a team who worked on the idea, you have to expect criticism because not everyone will admire your idea. You have to put in mind the critics’ opinions to be avoided the next time you come up with an advert’s copy. Offending the opposite opinion will only cause damage to your brand.

Do you think it is ok for Hesham Talaat Moustafa to say this about the advert’s critics? and is it going to affect the brand’s reputation?

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