Live the Music; Anghami launches aggressive marketing campaign dedicated for Egypt

In the eve of localizations taking over our screens, with Cadbury’s Aliens failing at it and the subsequent bashing from almost everyone, Anghami is making us feel like 2018 is the year of localization.

The music streaming platform has just released its newest yet biggest campaign in the Egyptian market. The campaign include massive activation for offline and online platform. Live the Music with Anghami.

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The campaign aims at reaching local youths through new localized and relatable ads. Think Marketing has also received exclusive news that the campaign will include special QR artwork that will be placed in local cafes, shopping malls and even the underground metro, that will enable scanners a free trial.

The campaign includes slice of life spots, focused on situations that local Anghami users, particularly the youth, have to endure.

The campaign’s ad copies will be currently released only on social, and will be available for TV in February.

Featuring MTM band, the first Ad version was release on 26 January to hit 810K views on Facebook in 3 days time span.

Anghami has decided that 2018 is the time for localization and to really step up their game in Egypt.

When asked about the future of Anghami and their new localization efforts, Hossam El Gamal, Anghami’s Country Director in Egypt, stated that they are aiming to be more a part of the local community through localized copies, and campaigns.

“It is crucial for brands to be part of their community.”


Anghami’s Marketing Strategy Aims at Explosive Growth in Egypt

Since launching in 2012, Anghami’s been at the forefront of not only music streaming in the MENA region, but also for their smart analytical thinking and usage of data.

Their algorithm goes through their 50+ million worldwide users and 12 million local users, of which are 82% between the ages of 13-25, and provide not only personalized ads but even personalized playlists.

One of that ways that Anghami has been able to use this data is to create personalized special ads for certain markets according to their past usage of the platform.

Currently, Anghami has 14,376,953 total registered Egyptian users (61% male 39% female). In December 2017 only Egyptian streamed
175,447,189 streams from the leading streaming App.

The new Egyptian campaign is designed to reinforce the brand image in the Egyptian market by creating greater brand awareness and increase the App subscribers in Egypt.

Anghami Campaign - Cairo Metro Station Ads
Anghami Campaign – Cairo Metro Station Ads

A reason why marketers may need to look more into Anghami’s platform, is not only for their analytics, is their pre-made playlists. An example of this was this year’s flashback, which allowed users to re-listen to their most played songs of 2017. Another would be their popular weekly mixtapes, which is generated according to previous listens.

According to the platform’s insights, the majority of users jump onto pre-made playlists more than surfing for specific music. They are using them as a companion through certain times of the day, their schedule, and current emotions.

Users are attached to these moments, and are using music to enhance or separate them from their current situation or world.

Now imagine attaching your brand to playlists that enhance moods and experiences. This is exactly how Anghami had gotten big brands such as Lipton and Berskha to join them in special playlists.

And now, Anghami is using those analytics to improve their localization efforts in Egypt.

Are they getting it right? Let us know in the comments below.

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