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“Listen To Za Mayors” Campaign Review

Dalili have brought together a group of influencers to share their user experiences and knowledge about the website. Users get some insight from the influencers in their field of expertise. Take a step with Dalili’s brand new movement of “Listen To Za Mayors” and see what happens.

The influencers who have joined forces with Dalili are Fady Hanna, of Travel Delights, travel blogger based in Cairo who travelled to over 100 countries. Adham Hamshary, of Around the World, is also part of the Travel Team that shares his handy experience on affordable travelling tips.

In the fitness team, Ohoud Saad, of Bindu, and Ibrahim Safwat, of Cairo Runners, inform on the fitness and health issues the users could go through. Being experts in Yoga and Running, they provide users with helpful information on how to adapt to the lifestyle or what and what not to do.

Last, but certainly not least, Dalili’s very own Foodie expert, Mido Eats, brings insight on the working of Fantastic Foods and Where to Find Them. He lets readers know the ins and outs of the food industry, raising their standards of cuisine.

The “Listen To Za Mayors” campaign is to provide users with insight information from experts that know what they are doing, rather than finding an outside and unreliable source. It is to encourage users to share their experiences with other users, enhancing the definition of reviewing within the market.

The goal is to bring people together to improve and celebrate the changes to places and services. This platform also encourages the support of small and medium sized businesses.

With the revamping of the Dalili, there is a goal of providing valued content that users can both enjoy and benefit from, whether articles from these influencers and/or the plentiful of reviews from about 400,000 listings of businesses all around Egypt.

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