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Lipton is planning to be Egypt’s National Tea for World Cup 2018

The World Cup has taken over our lives, and we just can’t seem to escape it. From brands exploding with national pride, to everyday people running around with small portable photos of Mohamed Salah in their pockets, there is no escape.

As the days count down to the highly-anticipated Egyptian return to the World Cup later this year, people are clamoring to find any way to keep up-to-date with the national team, as well as find ways to watch the national team as they break the 28-year rut.

And brands such as Lipton are standing up to provide them with answers and a little bit of help.

Lipton has been all about cherishing and loving life’s moments, encouraging people to look to the good things in life, that is why they have decided to sponsor the national team as they make history.

The sponsorship is a true commitment to one of the country’s biggest obsessions, and their activities are helping bond us closer to the people behind one of the greatest turnarounds of the country’s history.

It seems that the brand may have felt like this is truly a time that will become some of the most important moments for many Egyptians, which has led to their sponsoring of not only the team but sponsoring an intimate look into the team’s lives as they prepare, fight, and live until the World Cup matches.


Bringing the team to us

Lipton’s brand may focus on products that are usually seen as calming activities, but the brand has been positioning itself as a brand that encourages and cherishes life for a long time now. The quiet bonding time we have as we sip tea, and exciting moments as such as the World Cup are all moments to grab and to remember.

And there are so many small moments that we may easily miss, especially when it is miles away.

To help football fans, Lipton launched a behind the scenes look at the national team as they get ready for their World Cup matches.

The exclusive BTS of the team will help fans keep up the team’s intimate moments, on and off the pitch.

To keep in touch with the team, you can follow Ahmed Kadry’s Instagram, as he follows the team through their practices, practice matches and intimate moments between team members.

Kadry has already taken a bunch of amazing photos that could easily become iconic.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ahmed Kadry (@_ahmedkadry) on

The country may be holding their breath for this tournament, but they can release some steam through Kadry’s Instagram.

If you’re more into video, Lipton’s Facebook page has also been providing fans with some fun content to live on until the 15th of June.


You may even know Kadry’s photos already. A few weeks ago, his photo of Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo went viral, unfortunately it was not watermarked. It clearly shows how iconic Lipton’s behind the scenes look and activity has quickly become.


Bringing us to the team

Continuing on their brand positioning, Lipton continues to aim to provide fans with ways to enjoy and catch life’s moments with their new campaign.

The brand will be sending 50 lucky football fans all the way to Russia to catch the national team as they break the 28-year rut that has had the country holding their breath for too long.


Not only that, you can also win a bunch of prizes from Lipton that will be delivered straight to your doorstep! There are hundreds of gifts that are ready to be sent out to fans, both football and Lipton.

Some of the gifts you could easily get are TVs, PlayStations, national team jerseys, and tons of Lipton’s wide range of products.

Lipton isn’t putting any stops as we get closer and closer to the World Cup, and it looks like they will be working hard on getting people truly hyped and ready to seize the moment when it comes.

Will you seize the moment?  Let us know if you’re hyped to follow the team behind the scenes are they make us proud this June.

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