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Lipton Egypt Campaign to enhance people’s mood, do a good deed for a change!

Brands will gain customer’s loyalty and long-lasting relationship by being proactive and developing in the general public’s mood. Some brands are smart enough to invest in spreading positive mood and enhancing consumer’s mood.

As the famous saying by Carl W. Buehner goes: “They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.”, It is the same way with advertising.

Insightful marketing campaigns and smart execution for advertising has a strong effect on the consumer’s purchasing decision, brand recall and overall brand perception.

Lipton creates the Ripple effect by “Be the First”الحد_الأولاني# campaign:

Lipton initiative of making Egyptians’ lives better by introducing a “Pay it Forward” الحد_الأولاني# campaign featuring the Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy.

Encouraging Egyptians to do something nice for another person, doesn’t have to be extravagant, simply be the first person to initiate a good deed to make someone’s day a little better.

Following the Ripple effect theory, as one person’s splash, will cause a ripple and it bounces off one person onto the next.

Spreading a positive mood and encouraging it throughout the campaign.

Pay it Forward [الحد_الأولاني#]  by Lipton:

In this day and age where fake news are spreading at an alerting rate and the dominating news spread are unpleasant, unfolding venomous negativity throughout the media, Lipton Egypt is the change.

Lipton Egypt is giving back to the Egyptians by presenting them a chance to have hope again, to experience life’s little pleasure by feeling the pleasure of being kind to someone else.

Lipton Egypt has used social media’s influence right, by creating a contest to share the video to win an Iphone 7 or a month-worth of Lipton! In the video they explained how people can be the first to spread positivity.

The video was shared 2,429 times and gained 6.2K likes.
Along with encouraging posts filled with ideas how you can be the first one


Then the ripple started!

Lasting impression of positivity:

It has been 6 months since Lipton Egypt campaign started, we keep saying that the consumer’s attention span is terribly short.

Lipton proved that you can keep the consumer interested, following your campaign and engaged as long as it is meaningful and by creating this long-lasting customer-brand relationship through a deep positive feeling.

The consumer will recall Lipton Egypt accompanied with the “good feeling” the brand induced into him/her.

Lipton Egypt provided its audience a place to express what good deed they did, they later produced a song, storytelling more than 10 million situations of “being the first”. The song was viewed 2.7 million times, gained 7.1K shares and 51K likes in less than a week.

Share with us what was the last good deed you did?

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