Lionel Messi: Welcome to Egypt and Goodbye Hepatitis C!

Lionel Messi ended the wait with the release of Tour n’ Cure advert and Messi’s visit to Egypt. Egyptians have been anticipating Messi’s arrival for the past week after postponing his trip not once but twice.

He was chosen back in November to be Tour n’ Cure 2017 ambassador, a great addition to Dani Alves, the other brand ambassador along with, Hossam Hassan “Mido”.

International recognition of Tour n’ Cure:

The Argentine visited Egypt in order to motivate patients of Hepatitis C from all around the world to seek treatment in Egypt.

Not only Egyptians who have been anticipating the arrival of Lionel Messi, but Egypt has been the focus of all countries due to its initiative of a World free of Hepatitis C, with the outstanding cure rate, the Health Ministry stated that they were able to cure around 942,000 patients of Hepatitis C virus at a cost exceeding LE three billion by end of January.

#Egypt_Welcomes_Messi become one of  the most trending hashtag on Twitter in Egypt. Along with many hashtag that went viral on both Facebook and Twitter which showcase Tour n’ Cure’s groundbreaking marketing strategy and their influential choice of brand ambassadors.

Worldwide recognition, attracting tourists and reviving the tourism industry by its medical tourism package initiative.

Stop the Wait:

Tour n’ Cure’s advert featuring Lionel Messi is released. Finally #StopTheWait is here. The world-class advert is definitely worth the wait unlike the excruciating wait of virus C patients.

The advert starts saying that many things can happen in the span of two years, taking Messi’s as an example, reciting the events that occurred in the past two years from wining many finals and losing some, scoring 120 goals with the support of his team, his new baby boy’s birth Matthew, he traveled the world in 64 days, achieved various titles, he got injured, cured and recovered, but at the same time, there is Melanie.

Melanie is a virus C patient and she is waiting! Her life is brought to an abrupt halt because of her diagnosis, just like 100 million others like her who are forced to wait more than two years to start their treatment.

Lionel Messi trip to Egpyt to support Tour n' Cure initiative
Lionel Messi during his trip to Egypt to support Tour n’ Cure initiative

With everything that Messi achieved in the past two years wouldn’t mean a thing if we couldn’t work together to change the lives of Melanie and others liker her. No one of them should wait. #StopTheWait.

Beautifully crafted advert, with an invaluable message, our own achievements and lives means nothing if we couldn’t end the waiting list and help patients.

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