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LinkedIn to include new ‘Wasta’ section for Middle East markets [Joke?]

Popular profession-based social media platform LinkedIn will soon be adding an entire section dedicated to Wasta to its database for Middle East users.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”right” author=”Hisham Caterjee, LinkedIn Regional Manager”]Localisation is absolutely vital for us.[/blockquote]In an announcement made this morning, the company revealed that the ‘Wasta’ category would be launched next month and would instantly allow its “10 million plus users across the region to update their profiles with important information about who they know, who they’re related to and any other influential connections that could improve their chances of getting a job”.

“Our MENA clients need to show prospective employers key abilities such as having an important uncle or being the shisha buddy of a high ranking civil servant.”

“About time” said LinkedIn user Wael See. “Instead of lying about my experience and stealing motivational quotes from Warren Buffett, I can simply tell people who the best man at my wedding was. He’s practically royalty.”

Via satire news  :

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