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Life after LinkedIn; former director of Web Dev. on family and working in tech

Chris Saccheri had a great career, a wonderful spot at one of the biggest social platforms in the world, LinkedIn….

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Chris Saccheri had a great career, a wonderful spot at one of the biggest social platforms in the world, LinkedIn. At LinkedIn, Chris helped develop the platform as the director of web development, growing the company along side its owners before it was even named.

Saccheri later decided that it was time for a change in focus.

Think Marketing spoke with Chris Saccheri to talk a bit about work-life balance, life after leaving work, inspiration and self-grooming for success.


Tell us, what was your reason for leaving your position as director of web development at LinkedIn?

I joined LinkedIn at the end of 2002 when it was getting started and stayed for 9 years as a contributor and then as a manager, leading a team of about 30 web developers. I left 6 months after LinkedIn became a public company because my life changed. When I started I was single, had no kids and my life revolved around work.

Fast forward 9 years later and I was married and I had 2 kids that I wanted to spend more time with. I decided that I was going to take time off and focus entirely on my family because I felt that I was missing out on aspects of my kids’ lives.

I would be sitting in meetings thinking, “Years from now I am going to be thinking I wish I spent more time at the park with my kids, not sitting in these meetings.” I decided to step aside and spend more time with my family.


What can you tell Egyptians that spend most of their lifetime in the office, or stuck in Cairo traffic? Are there alternatives to quitting a job altogether?

I tried to establish that work-life balance at first. I took a month off initially and when I returned to work I focused on getting home at 5:00pm for dinner. Ultimately, I had been at LinkedIn for 9 years and I felt like I had ridden the startup rollercoaster from the founding all the way through to the IPO.


Seeing as how you have halted your career, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I love learning and I try to continue to learn. I have been trying to learn Italian over past year which has been humbling and fun. I noticed that there is lack of male teachers in elementary (Primary) schools, so I think it would be a positive response to that, as well as something fun to be a part of – I would be happy to help


Lifestyle in the Tech Industry


How important is it to be well-groomed in both your personal and professional life?

Since I’ve traded office time for playground time, grooming isn’t as high on my list of priorities as it once was, but it’s still something I appreciate. (My kids can walk around with spots of paint and food on their faces, but I prefer a cleaner look.) It’s easy to get overwhelmed with household chores, so getting a shower and a shave early every morning (often before the kids are up) helps me start the day positively and with a small sense of accomplishment! The Braun electric shaver is a real life and time-saver in this regard.


The tech industry has been portrayed as infamously unstylish (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodies). Do you think this is changing? Does it even need to change?

I recognize the importance of being comfortable when spending hours and hours sitting at a desk which is a typical day in the tech industry, especially for startups.

There is a balance; however. I have heard of some people who have wardrobes full of one outfit because not making clothing choices optimizes their time. That seems a bit extreme to me.


You’ve been clean shaven and have worn a beard in the past. What was the motivation behind your grooming style?

I like to experiment and I generally grow a beard in the winter time; when it gets hot again it’s nice to feel clean shaven.


How do you interpret a clean shave or a beard in the workplace? How is it perceived professionally?

So long as the beard is well-groomed, I don’t think it makes a difference in the professional context. I think it just comes down to the convenience for the person growing the beard/ or shaving it.



General Advice for Men


What advice can you provide Egyptians that want to pursue the same career path as you?

My career path wasn’t particularly straightforward. My first job out of college was as an editor at a textbook publishing company. From there, my first job in tech was at SocialNet (where I first met most of LinkedIn’s founding team) where I started as a writer/editor, not a programmer.


The company needed help with front-end web development, though, and I’d always enjoyed programming in school, so I pitched in and taught myself the skills I needed to do that job as well. That was the key pivot in my career that led to my job and work at LinkedIn.


So, my best advice would be to stay open to new opportunities and to be flexible in your idea of what your career is and can be. There are some career paths that are very linear–becoming a doctor, for example. But most careers aren’t like that; you can come at them from a variety of angles or backgrounds. Don’t think there’s only one path for you to follow. Keep an open mind, invest in learning new skills, and don’t be afraid to try something new.


What traits do men have to build to succeed in their professional careers in the tech industry?

It is important that adequate time is spent in understanding the industry, its creativity and the potential it has to grow very quickly. LinkedIn is a great example of how things can grow successfully over night to become a pioneer in the tech-industry.


Where do you borrow inspiration from for life and business?

I am a huge John Lennon fan. When his second child was born he stepped away from the music industry and stayed at home with his son until he was 5.

He didn’t tour and completely removed from public life while focused on his family. That was a big inspiration for me, to leave LinkedIn. If one of the greatest musicians can put aside his work to spend 5 years then why can’t I take some time for my family? I think the work that I did with LinkedIn was great and important and I couldn’t me more proud, but at the same time my family is forever.

Years from now I am not going to go back and say I should have spent more time working at LinkedIn. It will be that I didn’t spend enough time with my family.


What is one simple thing that every man could do to have an immediate impact on their life?

Be present with your kids and pay attention to them. When I am out at events or playgrounds with other parents they often have one eye on their phone or are clearly thinking about work. You don’t have to devote 14 hours day to your kids, but when you are together be fully present.

I try to enjoy the moment with my kids and let them tell me about their day without constantly feeling the need to coach or to teach or be the one talking. Just listening and being present with them can go a really long way.


Most young gentlemen in Egypt are married with families at quite a young age, and spend most of their 20s and 30s stuck in the office away from their kids. Should this change?

Absolutely. Those early years with your children, before they’re off to school every day, are just golden. They learn and change SO much, practically every day. I know how hard it is to establish a foothold in your career, but carving out time for your family–whether it’s waking up early and playing with them before work, or getting home early periodically so you can all have dinner together–is essential. Kids really do grow up so fast; you don’t want to look up one day and realize you’ve completely missed their childhood.


Where will Chris Saccheri be in 15 years when the kids are grown up and seeking a career of their own?

I think sometimes about what I might like to do down the road when my kids are in school and they aren’t around all the time, but I haven’t given it a huge amount of thought at this point. Possibly teaching. I do a lot of volunteering at their school and really enjoy it.

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When and how to start outsourcing your business?

There is a reason why freelancing and outsourcing is becoming a popular trend with many international companies. With a tough…

There is a reason why freelancing and outsourcing is becoming a popular trend with many international companies. With a tough local and international economy, companies have to do what it takes to maintain a steady profit, and find ways to reduce costs.

Outsourcing is becoming a big trend in many industries, due to its many advantages and low costs.

For small and big businesses alike, there comes a time when a decision must be made. Do you build a new team or primary service, buy certain tools or do you outsource for a short time?

That is another way that outsourcing can help.


So, when should you start considering to outsource?

Do you procrastinate when faced with a particular task?

Is it a one-time task? Is it a primary service that your business offers, or something for a specific client or project?

Is it a once a month task? Such as Legal duties, or financial accounting?

Are you still saving up for an expansion? Could you afford an expansion for this task?

Is it a non-essential function of your business?

If you’ve answered all by one of those as yes, then that is when you should be outsourcing.

A definition for outsourcing is “the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources.”

The reason is simple, because it can be advantageous most of the time.

Your business is saving money, effort, time and energy, making it more efficient on that tasks that truly matter.


Why should a business outsource?

So, you know when you should be looking into it, or maybe you’re interested.

The thought still lingers in your mind, it might be a good idea but why should I?

There are many things that you can consider that could make outsourcing a great opportunity for your business.


1. Employee costs and non-productive hours

Office space, cafeteria benefits, hospital visits, insurance, and lunch breaks are things that cost the company profit per full-time employee.

These are also things you can save on when outsourcing.

These make a full-time employee more than twice as expensive as a short offer for a freelancer.


2. Efficiency

Freelancers and outsourcing give you a special opportunity, an opportunity to capture and use talented people that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Talented graphic designers, high-end lawyers, highly-organized accountants, and smart assistants can be found as freelancers, and at a lower-price than full-timers.

They tend to be more efficient as they have stricter deadlines than full-timers, and may be able to do the job better than you or any other current employee.


3. Frees up internal resources

Getting freelancers doesn’t only work as a way to do unrelated or menial tasks, they also function as a way to lift weight off of your shoulders.

Using a content marketing freelancer to prepare content calendars, or receiving content from freelance content creators, can help free up internal resources.

Freeing you and your employees up for other important tasks, tasks that they can handle more efficiently with less of a work load.


What are you waiting for?

As you can see, outsourcing could be a very beneficial strategy for you and your business.

It does come with its own issues, such as communication and delivery of work, but if you plan it right, it will help you and your business thrive.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have another reason why outsourcing won’t be a part of your business strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mo’ Salah 2018 campaign should be pretty much as Vodafone brand as it gets

Born in the Egyptian city of Basyoun, 100km or so north of Cairo, Mohamed Salah’s footballing journey began in the…

Born in the Egyptian city of Basyoun, 100km or so north of Cairo, Mohamed Salah’s footballing journey began in the Nasr City district of the Egyptian capital playing for El Mokawloon SC during 2009-2010 season.

Today, Egypt winger Mohamed Salah with no doubt is the phoenix for his generation of Pharaohs. Mohamed Salah caught the attention of the football world for his speed and earned the world’s respect after his muted celebration after scoring a goal against Chelsea.

Since his historic penalty against Congo and qualifying Egypt to 2018 World Cup “with Salah’s help, of course”, the 25-year-old’s star is on the rise and this is the reason why he has been hailed as the ‘Egyptian Messi’.

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Mohamed Salah is now branded as a successful young Egyptian who can be a role model to inspire Egyptians especially younger people and give an example to be emulated in behavior, commitment, and strive for success.

Salah, who has also been nominated for the CAF African Footballer of the Year award, is currently the Premier League’s top scorer after scoring 20 goals in 25 matches since signing for the Reds this summer.

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With statistics, Mohamed Salah is considered the most expensive Egyptian, Arab and, African player in the football history after moving to Liverpool last summer for 42M euros.


Why Mohamed Salah’s success is a triumph for Vodafone’s Branding Campaign

Vodafone Egypt today announced Mohamed Salah to be Vodafone Egypt’s newest brand ambassador. Accordingly, Mohamed Salah will lead Vodafone’s advertising campaigns for 2018 under the slogan “The future is exciting. Ready?”

In line with Vodafone’s new vision of optimism, Mohamed Salah up coming campaigns for Vodafone Egypt should achieve the brand aspirations and dreams for a better future and reflect Vodafone’s trust and hope for young people.

اللي جاي أقوى 💪

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


One of the toughest aspects of building a successful brand is building an emotional connection with consumers and Mohammed Salah was chosen by Vodafone Egypt as an example to achieve ambitions and to work towards a stronger and better future.

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Brand intimacy is the new paradigm in marketing and consumers connects more with brands when they seems to care about people like themselves and is making a positive difference in the world.

Mohamed Salah reflects Vodafone’s new brand identity and he is really an inspiring example of how to leverage your personal capabilities to get into the career you want and push-up your challenges from local to international standards.

Vodafone Egypt just clinched the best player in Africa from rival competitor Etisalat Misr

Back in Jun 2016, Mohamed Salah was featured in Etisalat Misr “Imagine Tomorrow” campaign. Today, by naming Mohamed Salah as Vodafone Egypt’s brand ambassador, its considered another victory for Vodafone to complete a winning deal with Salah who has been crowned BBC African Footballer of the Year following an exceptional year with AS Roma, Liverpool and the Egyptian national team.

Worth mentioning that Pepsi has chosen Egyptian professional footballer, Mohamed Salah as the new brand ambassador for Pepsi-Cola in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in 2016.

Recommended Read ► Pepsi and Coke become “Frenemies” to support The Egyptian National Team

We wonder if  Salah would consider Coca-Cola campaign for World Cup 2018. Specially that Coca-Cola is one of the longest-standing corporate partners of FIFA, with a formal association since 1974 and an official sponsorship of FIFA World Cup™ that began in 1978.

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Ahmed Abou Hashima totally abandoned his media empire for Eagle Capital

The media of Egypt is highly influential in Egypt and in the Arab World. Recent developments in the media sector in…

The media of Egypt is highly influential in Egypt and in the Arab World. Recent developments in the media sector in Egypt indicate a trend of augmentation through cost-cutting mergers and acquisitions of main satellite TV networks and affiliates of newspapers and websites.

Egyptian Media Group was founded with an aim to develop the media sector in Egypt and provide the quality and expertise required to regain Egypt’s leadership in the region.

Empowered by the Egyptian business tycoon Ahmed Abou Hashima, Egyptian Media Group was developed to deliver the most advanced technologies by creative Egyptian minds, including the most professional and successful executives in the Egyptian media scene.

Abou Hashima started off Egyptian Media group by acquiring 100% of ONTV channel from businessman Naguib Sawiris, 51% of “Presentation Sports” for sports marketing and media, and 50% of Misr Cinema for movie and TV production.

In November 2016, Egyptian Media Group announced the signing of a partnership agreement to buy 50% shares of Synergy, aiming to strengthen its business in the field of art production, especially drama and advertising.

Today, Egyptian Media is one of the fastest growing media groups in Middle East and North Africa. Egyptian Media already holds a variety of the best TV Channels in Egypt and the Middle East, plus it owns and operates a grand set of the most widespread news websites in Egypt includes but not limited to Youm7DotMsr and Egypt Today.


Egyptian Media Group Subsidiaries:

ON Network:
OnEnt, ONsport, ONtvLIVE and On drama.

Film Production:
Synergy – تامر مرسي, EM | Production and Misr cinema.

Radio Management:
Nagham FM نغم اف ام, Radio Hits 88.2, Mega FM 92.7 and 95 FM.

Print Media:
Youm7, Eain, Sout Al Omma, DotMsr, Business Today Egypt and Egypt Today Magazine.

Marketing & Advertising:
Presentation Sports, Synergy Advertising, POD Egypt, iFly Egypt, Egyptian outdoor, Spade and Hashtag.

Training & Development:
Egyptian Media Group collaborates with London Film Academy (LFA).


Eagle Capital acquire 100% of Abou Hashima shares

According to news reports, Abou Hashima decided to totally abandon his shares in Egyptian Media Group for Eagle Capital, led by Dalia Khorshid (Egyptian ex-Minister of Investment).

As a result of the acquisition, Osama Al-Sheikh has been assigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Egyptian Media, and as Managing Director to replace Ahmed Abu Hashima.

The full details about the acquisition deal is not available at the moment and should be announced during a press conference to be held next Thursday.

Worth mentioning is that Egyptian Media was planned to be registered on the stock market as a holding company in the first quarter of 2018 to raise up to 1 billion Egyptian pounds after the planned initial public offering (IPO).


Dalia Khorshid, CEO of Eagle Capital

In early 2016, Dalia Khorshid succeeded Ashraf Salman as Minister of Investment, becoming the first woman in Egypt to occupy the elite position.

Ms. Khorshid holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. She also serves as Group Corporate Treasurer for Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) N.V.

Prior to joining OCI, she was with Citibank for 8 years, where she served as a Vice President.

She began her banking career with Commercial International Bank, Egypt’s largest private sector bank. She spent eight years at Citibank as vice president for Corporate Finance and Investment banking for the Middle East.

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