Let's take an extra second experiment by Coca Cola

This experiment is based on the assumption that people tend to judge others by their appearance, without taking time to really know them, andoften forming a wrong impression. So we decided to invite different people to prove this is true. We showed them a picture of another person for a few seconds and asked them to give us their opinion.
Do you want to know what happened? Click play.

Brand : Coca Cola
Product Group : Soft Drink Aerated
Name of Agency : The Cyranos McCann
Concept Note : Let’s take an extra second
Country of Agency : Spain
Client : The Coca-Cola Company
Work type : Client work
Published : Yes
Date of publication / release : May 18, 2015

When we see an older woman, we might think she is fragile, shut away, lonely, dependent, weak and limited…

If you want to know more about Kyleigh Kuhn’s work, you can check ROOTS OF PEACE, her NGO’s website.

It takes a few seconds to build a prejudice. That’s why Coca-Cola wants to encourage people to take an extra second to break it down, to really get to know the person and discover the stories behind each of them. Without prejudice, we make a happier world.

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