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Lenovo Unveils New Products and Possible Plans For Supporting Local Esports

With major events happening in Cairo and across the MENA region in the next few months, Esports continues to grow in the Arab and African world.

In our first case study on Esports in Egypt, we announced that “According to Steam Spy in February [2018], a Steam-backed statistic website (Steam is an online gaming platform that allows gamers to buy and keep digital versions of their games), Egypt’s total active users (not total) on the gaming platform is around 500 thousand.”

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Since then, Steam Spy stopped releasing data on the amount of players by countries but with the introduction for more casual esports games such as Fortnight and PUBG, and the fact that many main-stay games such as League of Legends are played on their own separate platforms, it’s clear that Egypt hosts even more than that number.

Yet, there are many barriers still in place that stop many players from continuing or even starting their journey in Esports. From lack of awareness (which is being combated on several sides now) to lack of affordable or easily accessible gamer hardware, there is still much to be developed in the region.

For tech company Lenovo, this provides a great background for it to become one of community’s developers and supporters by introducing a new product line and possibly support for the local gaming community.


Releasing The Legion

During an event on Tuesday, Lenovo Egypt celebrated the launch of its latest cutting-edge laptops tailored for gamers. More specifically, they launched their Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540 laptops into the local market.

According to a statement, “The Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540 laptops are more than powerful enough to handle today’s most graphically intensive titles, from action-packed MOBAs (Multiplayer online battle area), scenic RPGs (roleplaying games) to heart-pounding FPS (first-person shooters). The sleek and lightweight design is paired with new ultra-vivid picture quality with the best of audio with Dolby Atmos® speaker system with Dolby® Sound Radar for sound quality that places the gamer inside the action, even on-the-go”.

General Manager for Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, North & West Africa, Rony Mezeraani, said: “Gamers in the region are very different to our usual PC buyers and are very confident in choosing the right hardware with specifications that meet their needs. At Lenovo, we acknowledge this difference and seek to provide them the highest level of power, performance and graphics to cater to their needs.”

Both include the 9th gen of the Intel® Core™ i7, with the options of both 15 and 17 inch screens as well as well as graphic cards ranging up to the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 with Max-Q Design.

Lenovo also unveiled its latest lightweight gaming laptop, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340.

Consumer and Commercial Country Manager Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, Ola El Dib, said: “The Egyptian market is distinguished with its competitive edge in the MENA region, with consumers exposed to the latest technology available across the world. This leaves consumers best in class when it comes to hardware. Our Legion range features some of our most powerful devices to date designed for all gamers from different walks of life. Our strategy is to develop smarter technology for all and this means creating products that are accessible to all of our consumers whether young or old.”

The regional and local team have also shared with us that they are looking forward to helping build and support the local gaming community through possible future partnerships with events and local organizers.

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