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Lebanese tweeting: Thank You Egypt

As Egypt’s Great Pyramids illuminated with the colors of the Lebanese, Russian and French flags, in a show of solidarity with Beirut, Moscow and Paris. In a ceremony comes a day after several landmark buildings across the world were lit up with the French tricolor flag, including the Empire State Building in New York, the Sydney Opera House, the CN Tower in Toronto, San Francisco’s Blue Hall and Mexico City’s senate building.

Through-back : Egypt lights the Pyramids in unbiased solidarity with Lebanon, France and Russia

According to Egyptian authorities, the lighting up of the Pyramids was meant to show solidarity with all victims of terrorism across the globe. As Egypt is the only country to take the initiative to honor the terror attack victims in Lebanon and show solidarity with Lebanese people. People from Lebanon send “Thank You Egypt” in English and Arabic languages to express gratitude to honer the Lebanese flag projected on The Great Pyramids.

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On a separate note, An official thank you sent via the French embassy in Cairo posted a tweet thanking Egypt in Arabic and French. While the Russian Embassy in Egypt published a previous tweet to thank the Egyptian people for standing all together with Russia after the Russian airliner crash over Sinai.


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