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iPhone 8 Leaked? Apple’s newest iPhone design

One of the main reasons why Apple has become an international phenomenon is not only due to its stylish and hipster friendly phones, but due to late CEO Steve Jobs’s secretive nature.

His secretive nature, continued by the company’s current CEO Tim Cook, made fans into fanatics; searching the web for clues, and creating large discussions on the features and looks of upcoming phones.

This is no different.

Developer Guilherme Rambo may have found an icon of the iPhone 8, which signals a drastic redesign by the company; while going through a recent firmware release by Apple for one of its other products.


The new shape seems to show that the new phone will mostly be screen (edge to edge), deleting the famous home button that has been on iPhones for decades.

Not only that, but earlier today, developer Steve Troughton-Smith found other brand-new secrets the new phone may be hiding. Troughton-Smith found some key details, providing evidence that Apple will be including a new infrared face-unlock feature.



The feature is codenamed “Pearl ID” and should work in the dark.

The iPhone 8 will be Apple’s 10th anniversary edition of Apple’s famous smartphone. Apple is set to release the 7S in the fall, which is also claimed to be completely revamped, but iPhone 8 may possibly also be released around the same time.

Leaks are pretty rare when it comes to Apple, their intense secretive planning usually leads to Apple lovers and developers to search through days of online rumors and software to find hints. Apple users have long used the internet to share their theories about the newest products, some threads becoming viral or hostile due to aggressive responses to theories.

Technically, Apple themselves leaked their own work this time. However, don’t expect an answer to all this. The famously secretive company usually never discusses anything before the product is officially launched.

What do you think Apple will do? Do you like its new design? Let us know in the comments below.

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