Digital marketing managed to be on top of football news sources in Egypt

or the Egyptian passion to football, is a fully football news website that launched in 2008. Covering local, regional, and international football activities with +180 championships and competitions with full insights includes “Fixtures, Results, Teams, Players,… etc”

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”right” author=”Abdelrahman Eliwa, CEO of Moheet Internet Group”]By far become number one football news source in Egypt regarding [/blockquote]Our professional and expert editors working around the clock to bring you the updated and original content including exclusive coverage. Today, become one of the most credible football news sources in Egypt; receives more than 6 million visits per month with 35 million page-views.

“In Egypt we ranked number 15, and we believe that the website now is number one football news source in the local market”

Eliwa says “We launched the newly new version of in the beginning of 2013 to include new interactive services, new sections, and in-depth analysis for 180 championships around the world” He added “we are in the process to launch a new community, so users can play and win” infograph infograph is one of Moheet Internet Group websites that owned by Arabia Inform.


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