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Kiki Challenge takes over Egypt but nothing escapes our sarcasm

The Kiki challenge has taken over the world, MENA and Egypt.

For the uninitiated, the Kiki challenge is based on dancing to Canadian songwriter Drake’s song “In My Feelings.” Although not all challengers, and even the original video, have taken to dancing outside moving cars, it has become the main image of the challenge.

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As part of the ‘Kiki’ dance challenge, people get out of a slowly moving car and leave the door open as they dance alongside it in sync with the music.

Here are some of our favorite local interpretations.


Not only did Egyptians love the Kiki Challenge, some have even taken it to another level by incorporating local music and style instead.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for everyone.


And of course, Egyptians couldn’t leave anything on the internet untouched by our beloved sarcasm.

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