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Kelvin Lee, Director of Social Media at Reuters: Distribution is King Kong

Kelvin Lee, Director, Social Media Marketing at Thomson Reuters in London is one of the keynote speakers at the Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2, Egypt’s biggest international marketing event, taking place from 26-27 October in Cairo.

At Thomson Reuters, Kelvin leads social media strategy, including the content marketing and social selling campaigns. Schooled in Singapore and Rotterdam in business management, Kelvin has been based in London and Singapore for the last 11 years, creating and project-managing a trail of B2B and B2C online and offline customer experiences for the financial technology, telecommunications, FMCG and entertainment sectors throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

We recently sat down with him to talk about his views on social media, especially in the B2B world. This is what he had to say:

1- “Digital transformation is driven, not by technology or data, but by strong leadership, a well-understood strategy as well as the people and culture.”

2- “It is said ‘Content is king, but distribution is KING KONG’. Don’t just create content … spend at least 50% of that time crafting and executing on the distribution strategy that’s going to get your content into the hands of your prospects.”

3- “B2B social media is less about impressions, likes or retweets. It’s about prospects engagement, reasons for sales to engage in conversations with prospects and leads nurturing. That’s the type of ROI that defines your B2B social strategy.”

4- “Social selling is every B2B company’s secret social weapon. Leverage, train and empower every single employee to be able to add value and create conversations with those untapped networks.”

5- “B2B social marketing needs to be seen as a team sport. It’s not just the social media manager’s job – every function and department needs to collaborate and be part of the game.’’

Tickets for the Marketing Kingdom Cairo 2 are available on the event’s official website

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