Juhayna Partners with The American Chamber and UNICEF To Fight Against COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has been causing huge damage to the Egyptian community and has affected every part of our life ever since it started to spread. The COVID-19 confirmed cases have been increasing daily reaching over 14 thousand cases and the death rate reached over 600 death cases.

The sector that needs help the most is the medical sector along with its hospitals, patients, and medical frontline workers since they are facing a risk of getting infected. We have been witnessing many initiatives done by the government and companies to support the healthcare workers and hospitals and to support the medical sector. Juhayna is one of the companies that is giving endless help to this sector to help fight the Coronavirus.


Juhayna Joins A Movement Against COVID-19

Juhayna joins “The Private Sector and Businessmen Alliance against COVID-19” fundraising campaign through a partnership with the American Chamber and the UNICEF to support the government’s efforts in fighting the Coronavirus by supporting the medical sectors and hospitals.

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The fundraising campaign is launched by the American Chamber in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to fight against the Coronavirus. It is calling for the private business sector and businessmen to gather up to help against the spread of COVID 19. The aim of the campaign is to raise 120 million EGP to distribute medical supplies of Patient Ventilators and Personal Protective Gear over hospitals and healthcare departments.

Juhayna is joining the movement to support the medical sector in Egypt by sending medical supplies to the hospitals and medical frontline workers. The brand is donating 1 million EGP to distribute Personal Protective Gear equipment that includes coverall protection suite, masks, goggles, and gloves. The personal protective equipment will be distributed over 300 public hospitals, 1000 health care units, and 50 quarantine and fever hospitals throughout the whole country.

The CEO of Juhayna is asking other companies to join the cause to help save more lives and to help the medical sector against the spread of the coronavirus.


Other Initiatives By Juhayna

Juhayna is also supporting other sectors that were negatively affected by COVID-19. The company collaborated with a lot of NGOs such as The Egyptian Food Bank to support 6000 families that were affected by the pandemic.


This is the perfect time for every company to take a stand to help our country fight against this pandemic and help to save the lives of many Egyptians.

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