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Jack Dorsey “co-founder and CEO of Twitter” Tweet: Ramadan Kareem ☽

Ramadan is not only a religious time to be closer with Allah, but also moments to share and interact with others, especially Iftar and Suhour. The holy month of Ramadan is a great time for 1.6 billion Muslims everywhere to use Twitter. Despite Twitter seeing has been struggling to expand its relevance with product updates, Arabic is the fastest growing language on Twitter.

In 2015, Tweets about Ramadan were seen 8.4 billion times, on and off Twitter. Such massive volume of tweets isn’t being ignored.

For Ramadan 2015, Twitter has announced three hashflags – its term for custom emoji that show up in most of its apps and on the Web – to celebrate Ramadan when you use the appropriate hashtag in either Arabic or English.

Twitter-Ramadan 2015
Twitter-Ramadan 2015 emoji

According to latest Twitter stats published April 2016, stats that 77% of Twitter’s Monthly Active users are from outside of US. With large, distributed conversations happening on every corner of the network.

For the first time since the first tweet was written by co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Dorsey on 21 March 2006. Jack Dorsey decided to acknowledge the importance of the holy month for Islam, and wish all Muslim users a Ramadan Kareem.

Also to help people around the world celebrate the holy month marked ninth of the Islamic calendar, Twitter used to launch several initiatives to make Twitter more fun and useful every day during Ramadan.

For Ramadan 2016 celebration, Twitter launched a special Twitter emoji for Ramadan again to be available globally, but this year Twitter extending this fun form of self-expression to Periscope, too.

On Twitter, use any of the hashtags above in your Tweets and you’ll see a crescent moon appear next to these terms, from today to the end of the holy month.

How Muslim Users Reacted to Jack Tweet:

Twitter Facts and Figures

Twitter’s quarterly results showed 310 million people were using the service in the first three months of 2016. That was 1.6% higher than the 305 million monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 1st quarter 2016 (in millions)
Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 1st quarter 2016 (in millions)
  • 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile.
  • 500 million tweets are sent per day.
  • There are 391 million Twitter accounts with no followers
  • The first user to hit 1 million followers was Ashton Kutcher.

For fun in 2014 it launched a “Discover your first tweet ” service.

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