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Israel vs. Gaza Social Media War

It seems that the current military war between Israel & Gaza got its digital version as we witnessed a several battle fields in the cyber space on Social Media .

Israel chose Twitter to make the first official announcement of the airstrike that killed a leading Hamas official in Gaza

Avital LeibovichIsrael Defense Forces’ (IDF) international press spokesperson, made the announcement at 7:17 AM eastern time.

Avital Leibovich tweet linked

This tweet was then followed by another one by the official IDF Twitter account, 12 minutes later.

IDF tweet linked

Israel released a video recording assassination operation on Youtube . The target of the strike was Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing.



The Israeli Defense Forces official account also posted a picture to announce the celibate the assassination process .

IDF tweet: Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated.

The Israeli Defense Forces official account also posted a provocateur messages indicating that further operations could be planned.

IDF Threat tweet

And They got this reply :

Al Qassam tweet


Conclusion :

The modern war battlefield is not limited to Land , Sea & Air , but! a new battlefield exists , The cyber space is also highly considered and it step a head from traditional media channels , Twitter was chosen by the Israeli defense forces to communicate the message and speak with public opinion using Social Media .

Its pretty clear Social Media usage exceeded the brand competition and tracking the effectiveness of brand communication and/or, engagement …

Social Media now is used by armies to engage public and highlights power and military capabilities , even send threat messages and tactical psychological games to take advantages over enemies.


Sources : BBC , Mashable , Twitter

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