Ipsos’ Most Influential Brands in Egypt – 2020

Brands have a huge impact on our lives and they play an important role in the community. Besides serving the consumers and covering their needs, they also raise awareness towards vital topics in society. Many brands have shed light on important matters to help fix people’s behavior. So, brands can actually influence people.

Ipsos has launched its list of most influential brands in Egypt for the year 2020.


What Is Ipsos’ MIB?

Most Influential Brand or (MIB) is a study that measures and ranks the most influential brands in Egypt and around the world.

The study is based on an online survey of 1200 residents of Egypt who are over 18 and use the Ipsos online panel. The results were weighted to Census data to make sure that they represent the population of Egypt.

The survey included many brands from many sectors and industries like food and beverage, Technology, Fashion, Telecommunications, and Automotive, and many others.


5 Dimensions To Measure The Influence of The Bands

Ipsos’ MIB is depending on 5 dimensions, Leadership, Trustworthiness, Presence, Leading Edge, and COVID-19.


Presence:This means the presence of the brand in the market and for the consumer. It is measured based on the view of the brand’s adverts, the interaction, the number of shares via email or on social media, the consumer’s support, and if it’s socially responsible.

 Leading Edge:This one is measured based on Edginess, ahead of its time, being trendsetter, originality, provided something the consumer never knew they needed, and if it shapes the consumer’s behavior.

Trustworthy:Trustworthy is measured on the consumer’s trust, the recommendation, the brand’s improvement, inspiring Egyptian pride, being used and bought, and many more factors.

Leadership:A brand’s leadership is measured on how it sets an example for other brands, how it’s compared to other brands, how it stands out, its innovation, and if it changed the consumer’s daily routine.


COVID-19 is newly added to the list of dimensions since it had caused the whole world to change. To measure according to COVID-19, the brand has to be caring about the consumer’s health and safety, impress the consumer with its response to the pandemic, take serious action to help the consumers during the pandemic, and communicate with the customers.

Top 10 Influential Brands In Egypt

These brands in fact play an important role in the community and in our life, so, it’s no wonder they are the top 10.

1- Google:

The measurement Dimensions scored the following:

Trustworthy: 31%

Leading Edge: 19%

Presence: 20%

Leadership: 30%

COVID-19: 0%

The survey stated that Google had changed what people do in their everyday life with 53%, and its percentage of standing out is 53%. Also, 60% agreed that the brand is dependent and by 57% Google is developing itself.


2- Facebook:

Trustworthy: 0%

Leading Edge: 21%

Presence: 25%

Leadership: 29%

COVID-19: 24%

The percentage of Facebook being seen is 54% and 51% of people stated that they interact with the brand. The percentage of changing what people do in their everyday life is 47% and with 47%, Facebook is a brand that champions diversity.

3- WhatsApp:

Trustworthy: 28%

Leading Edge: 20%

Presence: 27%

Leadership: 25%

COVID-19: 0%

59% voted that Whatsapp is seen everywhere, and 43% voted that it is socially responsible. 62% agreed that the application is being used currently and 55% stated that it is getting better.


4- YouTube:

Trustworthy: 15%

Leading Edge: 34%

Presence: 26%

Leadership: 25%

COVID-19: 0%

51% voted that they interact with the brand and 49% agreed that the brand is socially responsible. 62% have stated that the brand introduced them to something they never knew and 48% agreed that YouTube is Edgy.



Trustworthy: 25%

Leading Edge: 19%

Presence: 27%

Leadership: 28%

COVID-19: 0%

The percentage of Nescafe being seen is 52% and by 49% the brand is advertising a lot. 44% is the percentage of how the brand changed what people do in their everyday life, and with 42% the brand changed the consumer landscape.

6- Samsung:

Trustworthy: 28%

Leading Edge: 24%

Presence: 21%

Leadership: 26%

COVID-19: 0%

With a percentage of 60%, the brand has a strong future, and with 59% the brand is getting better. Also, the brand is innovative by 58% and it sets an example for other brands by 57%.


 7- Jumia:

Trustworthy: 22%

Leading Edge: 1%

Presence: 62%

Leadership: 15%

COVID-19: 0%

47% voted that Jumia understands the consumers’ needs and 43%, it has a strong future. 63% voted that they interacted with the brand and 59% voted that they view the brand’s ads and videos.


8- Vodafone:

Trustworthy: 29%

Leading Edge: 8%

Presence: 36%

Leadership: 27%

COVID-19: 0%

The brand advertises by 55% and is seen by 54%. The brand is used or bought by 45% and 44% voted it has a strong future.


9- Telecom Egypt:

Trustworthy: 16%

Leading Edge: 0%

Presence: 60%

Leadership: 19%

COVID-19: 5%

By 39% the brand is promoting racial equality, and by 37% it is leading its competitors. The brand also advertises a lot as its percentage is 54% and is seen everywhere by 54%.


10- Souq – An Amazon company:

Trustworthy: 39%

Leading Edge: 17%

Presence: 17%

Leadership: 27%

COVID-19: 0%

40% voted that the brand is the benchmark they compare other competitive brands against and 40% voted that it changed the consumer landscape. By 53% the brand understands the consumers’ need and 46% voted would watch or click on ads for this brand.


Top 10 Influential Local Brands

If you took a look at these local brands, you would find that they all fit the measurement dimensions.

1- Telecom Egypt

2- Fawry

3- El Araby

4- National Bank of Egypt

5- Cottonil

6- Venus

7- Chipsy

8- Tornado

9- Banque Misr

10- Aman


Finally, you can check the full report here and share with us your opinion about the list.

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