Interbrand 2018: The top brands of the world announced in the newest report

Brand consultancy, Interbrand, has just released their latest annual report on the world’s top brands. The report, which is now in its 19th edition/year, examines the world’s top brands to evaluate their strength.

6 years in a row, Apple and Google continue to dominate the report as the world’s top two brands. The current 5 top growing brands, however, are Amazon (56%), last year’s report newbie Netflix (45%), Gucci (30%), report sophomore Sales force (23%) and Louis Vuitton (23%).

Gucci leads the top performing brand sector, the Luxury industry, which saw 42% growth since last year.

Facebook dropped 6% this year, bumping it off its 5-year run as a top growing brand and putting it in 9th place overall. This could mean that Facebook’s woes this past year is starting to affect the brand heavily.

Interbrand evaluations are based on several factors such as how well it is known and regarded, its competitive strength, financial performance and impact on consumer behavior.

Although, the report does seem to lean more towards financial performance as a main factor.


The consultancy was also the first company to certify their methodology under the requirements of ISO 10668 (requirements for monetary brand valuation).

This year’s report revolves around the theme “Activating Bravery.” (This does not seem to play a role in the evaluation process) Interbrand states in an accompanying article that “[Brands] that have achieved the greatest growth have all pulled on different dimensions of their brand to succeed.” This means that brands that have bravely diversified their offers and are innovating to create new standards are more likely to improve their brand strengths.

Apple held its top spot this year as it reached a valuation of $200 billion, the first brand to accomplish this achievement. Google saw an increase of 10%, reaching $155.5 million, while Amazon made a stunning 56% jump to land in 3rd place.

Interbrand had high praise for Amazon and Netflix, featuring them heavily in their “Hallmarks of the 2018 top growing brands” article.

International music streaming service Spotify, Gaming company Nintendo and Subaru make their first appearance on this list this year. Elon Musk’s Tesla drops off the list after a series of tweets and growing worries about the brand’s future.

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