Instagram killing “photo maps” feature

While Instagram started as a location-based check-in app, like Foursquare. Instagram according to Mashable will be killing the Photo Map feature soon, Instagram begun disabling the feature for some users last week. It said in a statement, “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

While you can still tag images with a location, they won’t be fed onto the map anymore. You can also finally tag images with locations other than where you are posting from, on iOS anyway.

In case you haven’t used this feature, let us jog your memory. In the past, you used to be able to click on a little location icon on a friend’s profile to pull up a map with all of their geotagged photos nearly “stacked” on top of the different locations on Earth where they were taken. Zoom in, and you would get a more and more granular view.

Instagram photo maps feature
Instagram photo maps feature

A spokesperson for Instagram said: “On Monday we made a change to make it easier for people to add location to their photos. As part of this, we removed the option to “add to Photomap” from the flow”.

Instagram photo maps, which displayed the pictures you had taken according to where you had taken them, are going away. Your Instagram photo map lets you showcase where you’ve taken your photos or explore where others have taken photos on a map.

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