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Infinity Launches The First Ever Renewable Energy Advertising Campaign in Egypt

Egypt's only company for renewable energy solutions and electric vehicles’ charging points delivers a timely, heartfelt, and crucial message with the help of a renowned Egyptian actor.

In the midst of loud, brightly colored Ramadan adverts popping left and right, Infinity stood out with one that’s unique in more ways than one. It’s neither a jingle nor hammering on the usual Ramadan-esque themes and scenery.  Instead, Infinity—the only company in Egypt that provides a variety of clean and renewable energy solutions across several sectors and scales, as well as electric vehicles’ charging points—put out a timely, heartfelt, and crucial message at the dawn of the festive month.

In this article, we take a closer look at the advert’s message, how much exposure it got so far, and Infinity’s core messages within it. We also take a glance at their contributions to a cleaner and more sustainable future locally so far.

Watch the advert below if you still haven’t and tell us if you can guess who the voice-over artist is. We’ll reveal it at the end of the article…

A Closer Look at Infinity’s Ramadan Advert: A Bird’s Journey From the Biggest Solar Park In the Africa and Back

In the advert, we witness the flight of a bird through familiar scenes from Egyptian life. It starts and ends at Aswan, Egypt, where the Benban Solar Park is located. The renowned solar power plant is the biggest in Africa and the 4th largest globally

This journey is intertwined with footage of renewable energy solutions (wind turbines and solar panels) and coupled with a calm voice-over that gracefully elaborates on how our lives and everything within them spring from nature. Therefore, wielding nature’s endless renewable energy is key to a cleaner and more sustainable Egypt and—subsequently—a healthier planet. 

At the end of the advert, the voice-over states that their accomplishments so far are just the beginning. Then Infinity’s slogan “Endless Energy From from Nature” appears.

A bird’s eye view of Aswan’s Benban Solar Park, the largest solar power plant in Africa and the 4th largest in the world. Image via Egypt Independent.

The Core Messages Infinity Delivers In the Advert

In nature, energy is renewable and boundless. This is implicitly the advert’s most emphasized message. And it only makes sense because Infinity is ardently focused on enabling a cleaner and more sustainable future in Egypt and Africa. 

Infinity strives to actualize this vision through innovative and sustainable energy solutions that respect the environment and enable communities to realize their potential while protecting the planet from man-made pollution and global heating. 

That’s why the advert follows the beautiful bird—a symbol of freedom and nature—as they hover over a more sustainable and cleaner Egypt, that derives its energy needs from nature’s renewable energy sources while preserving and protecting the environment. 

By way of visual storytelling, Infinity’s advert uses a bird’s journey as the main vehicle to take the audience through Infinity’s different wonderful energies and services over the iconic music of “What a Wonderful World”.

It also celebrates all the different kinds of energies we can obtain from nature; energies of beauty, love, hope, creativity, and productivity.

A list of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) that Infinity’s work strives to actualize.

Infinity’s Contributions to a Cleaner And More Sustainable Future

As the biggest company in Egypt dedicated to renewable energy solutions, Infinity’s current projects generate approximately more than 2 million MWh per yearlighting up more than 1 million homes per year, only from renewable sources. 

In turn, this cuts carbon dioxide emissions by more than 800 thousand tons annually; a necessary contribution to the current climate crisis we’re facing.

Additionally, to pave the way for transport powered by electric vehicles (EVs), Infinity has built over 300 EV charging points across 10 governorates in Egypt.

In line with all of the above, Infinity has stated that their line of business enables them to contribute locally to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, namely goals no. 7, 11, 12, and 13. “We believe every business and household can take steps to contribute to a brighter future and improve their individual environmental impact,” the brand stated.

Infinity’s Ramadan Ad on Socials at a Glance

Now, an estimate of the advert’s exposure on Infinity’s social media outlets:

YouTube Video Views
Facebook Video Views
Instagram Video Views

That’s a total of around 3M views.

As for the advert’s voice-over artist, if your guess was Asser Yassin, then you do have a good ear!

The voice-over for Infinity’s Ramadan 2022 advert was performed by Egyptian actor Asser Yassin.

What did the advert mean to you? Were you aware of Infinity’s work before reading this piece? Engage with us, and if you’ve got questions, contact Infinity via their website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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