Inertia’s Progressive Minds to Shape The Future

Every new day, there is a new beginning and a new possibility to do better and to create more. With this belief, Inertia released a new campaign under the name of “New Realities We Build” because they believe that great minds are the ones to shape our future and enhance it.

All You Need to Know About Inertia’s Campaign

Inertia’s new promotional campaign “New Realities We Build” brought three successful stories to represent as they go back to back with the company’s story. The campaign went through three phases and included the famous swimmer Nagwa Ghorab, Sherif Hosny who is an entrepreneurial Urban Farmer and Founder of the first female polo team Farah Awadalla.

Campaign’s Three Phases

The first phase was creating obscure and unbranded Billboards that included catchphrases like “Defy Gravity”, “Do What Can’t Be Done”, and the background of the billboard had scattered letters of the word “Inertia”.

Moving to the second phase of the campaign, it included the unbranded billboards but they weren’t obscure anymore as they had the faces of the three figures.

Phase two also included the release of three unbranded teaser videos of the three figures saying “They said it was impossible”.


The impossible is now attainable

The impossible is now attainable, who is behind all of this?#DefyGravity #DoWhatCantBeDone

Posted by Think Marketing Magazine on Monday, March 9, 2020

As for the third and last phase, the company released a branded video that includes the three figures sharing their story and how they defied the odds to achieve their dreams and reach a high position in society.

The stories are extremely inspiring and will teach you to always follow your dreams and to never give up, as there will always be a chance to achieve your goals.

Nagwa Ghorab, A 76-Year-Old Swimmer

The first story the campaign is tackling is the story of Nagwa Ghorab, she is a 76-year-old swimmer who competed in six world championships and won eleven international medals.

Ghorab retired from her teaching job and saw this as an opportunity to do everything she ever wanted. She viewed the age of retirement as the age of freedom and accomplishments. This is why she took the chance to practice swimming at the age of 60 and in 2016 by the age of 73, she won the Silver Medal at US Master Swimming National Championship and won the Silver Medal in the 50-yard backstroke. She also came in fifth in the 100-yard backstroke and came in sixth in the 50-yard freestyle.

The Entrepreneurial Urban Farmer Sherif Hosny

The second story Inertia will present is Sherif Hosny’s story and how he can plant and grow food on buildings’ rooftops instead of lands and fields. Hosny helped Egyptians with low income and underprivileged communities to enhance their way of living, also, the planting is done by lower SECs and it is their source of income.

Sherif Hosny is the co-founder of Schaduf, which is an organization that wants to provide a green urban solution that can boost the quality of life through environmental change. The organization was founded by Hosny and his brother after volunteering on a farm in Louisiana in 2010.

Farah Awadallah, Horseback Riding

Who said girls can’t do anything! This is the story of a 23-year-old girl, Farah Awadallah. She grew up riding horses and had her father supporting her dreams, which encouraged her to form the very first female Egyptian Polo team.

Polo is known to be a male sport and called “Kings’ Sport” but Farah changed that and created a women Polo team naming it “Nefertiti”; the name came in tribute to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

According to Farah, they use Argentinian polo ponies because they are considered to be the best ponies in the world. Awadalla’s team members’ age ranges between 16 to 23 and they won many tournaments.


Inertia is using a new approach for its marketing campaign that encourages people to think outside the box and to always follow their dreams no matter what. The company chose those specific stories as a representation to their own as they also use progressive minds to develop the company and to achieve its vision which is “To be the most preferred real estate developer in Egypt by 2020.”

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