INERTIA Properties: Smart & Responsible Measures Against COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 had completely changed the corporate life and business worldwide. Ever since the country had imposed restrictions and precautions to limit the infection of the Coronavirus, corporates started to collaborate by following the same precautions and enforce them on their employees.

Since then we have witnessed various approaches taken by many corporates to protect the community against the virus implications. One of these companies is a real estate market leader, Inertia.

Inertia is known for being active in engaging its different stakeholders and community, where different measures were implemented through outstanding means, with an utmost care to Inertia’s clients, employees and workers. Which makes us witness the true values this company spread amidst the hard times we are witnessing in Egypt


Precautions Are Applied On Inertia’s Current and Potential Residents

Since residents safety is Inertia’s first priority, they have covered their residents from all aspects; firstly through sanitization tunnels that disinfects and sanitizes everything that goes in. These tunnels are equipped with a 360 disinfecting cabinet, a temperature reader and a hand sanitizer machine. Secondly, Inertia offered free sanitization for their houses; in addition to the daily disinfection process of every project public spaces.

Inertia then sought of fulfilling its residents demand to be active and fit, and provided them with fitness kits to help each resident stay actively engaged with the help of MOVE. These kits were tailor made for males and females in accordance to their fitness levels. In addition to the latter, Inertia had also provided immunity boosters and recipes by Eatducate that they can use with the personal blenders.

On top of all that, the company created an online campaign for potential clients where they can view, select and buy their desired units from their homes, with no need for a down payment or a cancellation fee if they change their mind. On top of all that the contracts will be delivered right to their doorsteps by Inertia Concierge. In addition to installing its fully automated sanitizing tunnel at their on-ground sales office to fully protect their potential clients if they chose to appear on-ground.


Inertia Takes Care of Their Employees and their Kids

The company started applying the “Work from Home” process on 50% of the employees then gradually applied the process on all employees so that everyone can work from home in a safe environment.

While employees work from home, Inertia made sure to take care of their mental and physical health through this tough situation we are all facing by creating an entire program for their employees with multiple benefits. The program started by launching a stress management webinar with an optional one on one session for those who need more help.

They have also collaborated with BeFit 360, offering the chance for employees to take part of the Ramadan Weight Loss Program which includes live sessions, mobility clinics and nutritional guide.

The company also put their employees’ children into consideration and collaborated with Datifa to create virtual camps that offer classes for Arts and Crafts, Hip-Hop, culture, and yoga, so kids can participate and learn in a safe environment.


Workers on Construction Sites Are Following The Precautions

For on-site employees, some vigorous precautions have been taken by Inertia to ensure the safety of its workers; it educated workers on COVID-19 imposed safety measures to avoid any contagion, it decreased the number of workers on sites, and workers’ temperature is being checked daily.

Since awareness is vital in decreasing the spread in any environment, Inertia did not only distribute educational pamphlets, but also ensured to improve its workers’ skills by providing them with training to ensure their safety. They went through: The “COSHH Risk Assessor Certification” by the International Association for Chemical Safety and “Let’s Break the Chain of COVID-19 Infection” by The Mohammed Bin Rashed University of Medicine and health sciences.

Moreover, each construction site has a panel to monitor the workers status and curb the virus spread among them. The company also provided the construction sites with protective supplies that have sanitizers, chemical tools and materials; it also distributed medical masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for workers.


We applaud Inertia for being cautious and for applying the necessary precautions accurately to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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