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HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK – Twitter Fight!

[dropcap style=”2″ color=”#f50a0a” text=”T”]he UK social media accounts of Samsung, HTC, and LG showed a surprisingly funny fight over Twitter and it was entertaining to see 2 of the world’s biggest Android manufacturers responding to each others and soon LG joined the stream to bring peace.

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Samsung’s First Move //

Last March 2013 with Samsung tweeting that “Four is always better than One”. HTC tweeted a response, “Plastic is not fantastic”.It seems that HTC has been given the green light from the Taiwan for a more engaged Twitter strategy as it seeks to reign in Samsung’s giant sales lead.

HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK

HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK

A New Twitter Fight //

Both sides sniped at each other again the feud was made public on Twitter. HTC U.K. sent out a tweet reporting that the HTC One had won the award for ‘Hottest Phone of 2013’ at the Mobile Awards. Samsung U.K. replied by saying that HTC could have that one award because Samsung walked away with three. To which HTC tweeted a crack about how all of those fake reviews about its competitors that Samsung had paid college students to write, were finally paying off.

HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK  new Twitter Fight

HTC UK vs Samsung Mobile UK Twitter Fight

Fellow OEM LG decided to act like the only responsible adult in the room by sending a tweet to both Samsung U.K. and HTC U.K. that read, “Calm down dears! It’s only a phone!”

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