You got ZAPed! IN by Vodafone pranks users with Zap Tharwat for April Fools

April Fools day is celebrated around the world, from children pranking each other in schools to office co-workers planting strange things on your desk, so why can’t brands jump on it too?

The first of April is an exciting time for creatives worldwide, since, finally, clients agree to have a sense of humor and let them create some personable content. It is, to some, the one-time clients feel that they are able to shed their “corporate” speak and feel safe enough to break free and let loose.

While this is a good thing, it is also important to note that people are always looking for brands that feel ok to drop a little joke once in a while, like IN by Vodafone.

IN by Vodafone hasn’t been afraid of getting knee deep in joking territory and has been creating fun and youthful content most of the year.

For April Fools this year, they decided to team up with rapper Zap Tharwat to trick some of his more quick-tongued fans.

كدبة أبريل مع IN و Zap Tharwat و ساري هاني

فكرنا نعمل حاجة مختلفة السنة دي في كدبة ابريل مع Zap Tharwat Sary Hanyالشباب كانت فكرة انهم هيعيشوا تجربة الاستوديو بس لكن المفاجأة كانت أكبر من كده بكتيراطلب #770* وخليك اول واحد يسمع ألبوم المدينة

Posted by IN by Vodafone on Sunday, April 1, 2018


Choosing fans by asking them to rap their favorite Zap Tharwat songs, IN invited them to a real recording studio where they would be able to record their own recording. The fans were excited to have some private time in the studio, but that wasn’t what IN by Vodafone has in mind

Surprising them, making some weep and some simply stunned into silence, was Zap Tharwat. The rapper jumped into the studio to prank the unsuspecting fans.


The fans were excited to finally meet the rapper, and even experienced rapping alongside him.

To continue the surprise, the rapper then provided them with a sneak peak of one of new songs from his upcoming album.

IN by Vodafone users can also listen to the new album by typing *770# on their phones.


What was your favorite brand-led April Fools this year? Let us know!

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