Ramadan 2017

Impact BBDO Cairo leads agencies contribution in Ramadan CSR initiatives

Impact BBDO Cairo, one of the largest and most well-known advertising agencies in Egypt, has just launched their new Ramadan initiative.

During the holy month of Ramadan, food waste rates rise to unsettling and disturbing levels. In a month, in which people are supposed to feel the impact of what the poor and needy go through, food waste is at its annual all-time high.

To try and avoid this effect, Impact BBDO Cairo is launching Khosh Bee2edak Fadya CSR initiatives.


Posted, strangely, yesterday at 3 am in the morning, their ad for the initiative has received 35k views in 12 hours. Reactions have been majorly positive, viewers are definitely loving the idea and spreading the news.


Empty Boxes and Full Hearts

Along with the Egyptian Food Bank and sweet shops/bakeries such as  La Poire EgyptTseppas, and Carousel, this advertising agency is setting forth to help provide some extra comfort to Egyptians.

Many Egyptians may pass by bakeries and sweet shops to enjoy the sweet goodies of Ramadan, and many buy large quantities in order to gift when visiting family and friends. With the fact that almost everyone does this, a popular tradition, many households may have dozens of possibly wasted desserts and snacks from visitors.

For those who don’t want to continue the tradition but still gift the household you are visiting, Impact BBDO and its partners have set up the perfect plan for you.

By going to any of the aligned partners shown on the video, customers can now buy “3elbet 7aga A7la” (a box of something sweet) and receive a box. The contents of the box will be sent to the Egyptian Food bank, and the box itself will be used as a gift and souvenir for the customer’s good deed.

The main concept that we can see here is to leave the store with an empty box, but with a full heart.


Another similar concept

The BBDO initiative is quite similar to the Kamal Karamak initiative, both involving boxes and the aim of helping reduce food waste during Ramadan.

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Unlike the Khosh Bee2edak Fadya initiative, Kamal Karamak focused on filling up the box with leftover food from iftar dinners. Both initiatives have been received positively by the public, aligning themselves with the Ramadan theme of charity.


Food Waste during Ramadan

Consumption of normal foods increase almost 50% during the holy month, around 15-25% of that food goes uneaten, unsold, or thrown away.

An official in Dubai recently stated that Leftover food waste is expected to go up from 2.7kg per person daily to 4.5kg this Ramadan due to iftar and suhour gatherings.

With one of the main themes of Ramadan being charity, initiatives such as Impact BBDO’s are a great way for many people to give to the needy easily.

While the term CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, may be one day we would witness a new term called ASR which will stand for Agency Social Responsibility!

What do you think of the initiative? Let us know in the comments below.

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