IKEA Imagines Social Media Expectations in The 17th Century

IKEA’s latest TV commercial re-imagines what life would have been like if Instagram was around back in the 17th century. IKEA Let’s Relax campaign urges everyone to spend more quality time with family at home. The TV Commercial aims to encourage people to re-discover the simple joy of family eating and being together.

The ‘Let’s Relax’ spot was created and produced by Stockholm advertising agency ACNE and directed by Tompa & Rondo. IKEA’s aim is to encourage people to rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together; the spot ends with the words: “It’s a meal. Not a competition.”

According to the Swedish furniture giant, a meal is meant to bring people together and relax. To prove their point, the company came up with this impressive commercial.

IKEA encourages people to put their phones away and enjoy more time with their families with their “Let’s relax” video. “It’s time to check those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together.”

The TV Commercial titled Let’s Relax was done for IKEA in United Kingdom. It was released in Aug 2016.

IKEA – Let’s Relax Credits

Advertising Agency: Acne, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Directors: Johan Holmgren, Morten Kjaer
Executive Producer: David Olsson
Art Director: Cecilia Dufils
Copywriter: Markus Bjurman
Creatives: Fredrik Preisler, Katie Copeland
Head of Planning: Morten Lundholm
Project Manager: Mia Malmström
Producer: Fredrik Skoglund
Director: Tompa, Rondo
Director of Photography: Anders Jedenfors
Final Art: Oliver Juan
Production Company: ACNE

Published: July 2016

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