IKEA gives 20-minute naps on Cairo streets

Not getting enough sleep? We know IKEA has a smart solution and now they’re even helping us find time in our schedule to take a nap. For 10 days at the end of February to early March, IKEA’s Nap Truck cruised around Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October and New Cairo offering a comfy bedroom to curious passersby in need of a nap.

IKEA Egypt, took their bedroom to the streets of Cairo, offering the Egyptian public 20-minute naps in the IKEA Nap Truck to help them catch up on sleep as part of their Make Room for Sleep campaign.

According to a recent study by IKEA, a good night’s sleep is related to an individual’s happiness. Most people are tired from routinely sleeping badly, with adults missing out on at least an hour of sleep every night on average. Everyone has their own personal ‘bedtime ritual’ and the whole bedroom is involved in going to sleep.

IKEA’s Nap Truck and Make Room for Sleep campaign are encouraging Egyptians to get ready to win at sleeping. Everyone can improve their sleeping performance.

All it takes is a little preparation and the right products for your needs. Sleepy shoppers can check out the IKEA store at Cairo Festival City for handy tools and tips to help every Egyptian make room for sleep.

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