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If You’re Noticing These 6 Signs Then You Need To Change Your Leadership Style

Have you ever doubted your leadership style? If your answer is yes then the next question to ask yourself is why you are doubting it.

Many leaders go through situations where they struggle with their employees, as they can’t see eye to eye or always debate with each other; some even find themselves in situations where their best employees leave.

Once you reach a point where you question your leadership style, then there’s definitely something wrong.

Here are some signs that mean you need to change your leadership style.



1- Productivity Decreased

Your employees are not as productive as they used to be.

When employees struggle with the work environment or with their manager, they stop being productive. Put in mind that the work environment affects their mental health, and if your company has an unhealthy environment then your employees will lose their passion and will lose interest in even showing up.

If your employees are not productive and not passionate then you need to question your leadership style and you can have a meeting to discuss the issue.



2- When Employees Leave

If many employees left in a short time, then this would be another sign.

If you and your company provide the proper work environment and if you are making sure your employees are satisfied, then they won’t leave. In fact, a company with a good reputation and a healthy environment always attracts employees and never suffers from a lack of employment.

So, if you’re in a situation where your employees are resigning then it’s time to take a step back and see what’s wrong.



3- When They Stop Interacting With You

The communication with your employees is hitting rock bottom.

Managers and employees have to have a healthy relationship and have to have a strong bond. Employees should never be afraid to talk to their managers or discuss with them any work-related issue; both parties should be able to communicate properly and always interact but when this part is missing with all of the employees then there’s something wrong.

When your employees avoid interacting or communicating with you then double-check how you’re communicating with them and what is your relationship like.



4- Your Results Don’t Reflect Your Leadership

A good leadership style gives you impressive results, but bad results mean you need to make some new changes.

Always be sure that if you have a good leadership style and hard-working employees, the outcome will be impressive, but if the outcome is not as good as it should be, then start searching for the problem. If your employees own good experience but they don’t give good results as they used to, then maybe the problem is in your leadership style.

Remember, if you treat your employees fairly and if they’re happy, the results will always be good unless you have an unqualified team.



5- Company’s Morale Decreased

You will find your employees losing their excitement.

High morale is very important when it comes to creating a healthy work environment and if employees’ morale is high then it shows that they have a good leader. Your employees’ morale decreases if they’re not being treated well in the company or if they don’t have enough space to express themselves and unleash their creativity.

If you don’t provide your employees with their space then you need to readjust your leadership style.



6- When You Find Yourself Inconsiderate

Take a couple of minutes and think of the way your reply to your employees.

You have to be an understanding leader, always show sympathy when one of your employees is going through a hard time. Don’t make everything revolve around work without considering the mental and health state of your employees.

If you won’t consider the situation your employees are going through, you’ll be pushing them away.


You need to put in mind that your company should be like a second home for your employees and that they should want to look up to you.

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