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If you want to grab your customers attention, GET THEM SCARED !

YouTube video spreading viral with 3.7 Million views in 23 hours. The video titled [Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise] created to promote the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel Carrie, viral video marketing company Thinkmodo created the Carrie-like customer on a New York coffee shop.


The Term describing mental movement or motion of solid matter, abbreviated as PK and TK respectively, is a term coined by publisher Henry Holt to refer to the direct influence of mind on a physical system that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known physical energy. The study of phenomena said to be psychokinetic is part of parapsychology. Some psychokinesis researchers claim psychokinesis exists and deserves further study.

It’s difficult to imagine these people are actors —  Watch below:

The video’s producers say the reactions shown in the clip came from unsuspecting customers. The full statement from the YouTube post states, “What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? Our hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a telekinetic event.”

So, this might be a new trend… If you want to grab your customers attention, GET THEM SCARED !

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