Hyde Park Developments Launches Farida Osman new personal brand

Young Olympian swimmer Farida Osman is an upcoming public figure, in and outside the pool. She is a growing aspirational brand, one that many brands are after.

Personal brands have become an important factor for athletes of any sport to stay on the top of their game. Personal branding’s benefits for the athlete lasts past their prime, enabling them to use their gained influence in many different ways.

Last weekend, Hyde Park Developments helped Osman launch a new brand identity as part of a global sponsorship with the swimmer.


The Branding

Earlier this year, we reported that the real estate developer would be working on creating a new “brand” for the swimming superstar.

According to Hyde Park, they endeavored to create a sustainable brand, something that would show the beliefs and values of success, excellence and determination that the two share. The brand is supposed to represent Osman’s special ability to find balance; the balance between academics and sport, of career and social life.

The logo, a freestyle wavy figure, is a flowy type that also holds the symbolic flow and waves of water. Created to display a simple drawing of a swimmer, pay closer attention and you can find the Olympian’s initials.

Osman apparently chose the style because “freestyle is inclusive to all strokes. It’s the stroke that everyone learns first and it’s the easiest to do,” according to Hyde Park.


The Partnership

In July, Osman and Hyde Park signed an official sponsorship agreement in an effort to support and encourage the swimmer as she prepares to swim for gold again.

The agreement was meant to give her support and the confidence gained from knowing that there are people who fully believe in your strength, and are willing to support you all the way. The signing came only weeks after Farida Osman’s 2 gold and 1 silver win at the Mediterranean Games.

The two brands have quickly aligned themselves with each other’s beliefs and aims.

During the signing in July, it was announced that Osman would be opening her very first swimming academy within Hyde Park New Cairo.

The move solidified the partnership with Osman’s aim for supporting young swimmers while empowering and encouraging more girls into sports and one of Hyde Park’s main core values which is to empower girls in as many fields as possible.

Hyde Parks’ involvement in sponsoring, motivating and encouraging Osman could be the long-lasting push she may need. It is no secret that athletes use sponsorships as a way to supplement their training and winnings, but also as a way to stay in the spotlight after their prime.

The small, and large, things that the real estate brand will provide for Osman will ensure her focus on winning gold in future tournaments, while also hopefully pushing her to the next level. As for Hyde Park, the agreement lets the brand establish itself around a beloved home-grown and inspiring star, allowing it to drive more excitement to current and future projects.

The real estate developer’s choice to help with Osman’s branding isn’t unheard of but still not a common choice by a sponsor. Strategically, helping Osman brand herself does have a lot of advantages, especially in aligning the marketing and branding goals at their very core, making it quite the tactical move.

We’ll have to keep an eye out on just how strategic this pairing will be in the future.

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