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Human-to-Human Marketing: What It Is And How to Use It

Marketing is such an enormous field and there are many marketing ways that a brand can use to reach its customers. Some business owners keep asking themselves how to deal with their customers and on what basis they can build the relationship.

There’s a term in marketing called H2H or Human to Human marketing; this type of marketing stands out and distinguishes one brand from another. One thing you have to remember about your customers is that they’re human and to win over a human, you have to make them feel that they are dealing with another human not and this is where the role of Human to Human marketing comes in.


What Is Human-to-Human Marketing?

As a marketer you have to recognize that you’re selling your brand and promoting it to humans, so you have to know how to speak their language.

Human-to-Human marketing or H2H is a human-centric approach to marketing, which brands use to humanize themselves when dealing with customers. Marketers are usually too focused on promoting the brand and selling it despite focusing on the method, which sometimes leads them to a disconnect with the customers, which can affect the brand itself with its revenue.

Human-to-human marketing is one of the best methods that can enhance the brand’s reputation and enhance the customers’ experience.


How To Apply It To Your Brand?

You can follow some steps to apply H2H and the first thing to do is to humanize your brand.

1- Change The Tone of Voice

You need to sound more human, so your customers can relate to you. This can be done by getting to know your customers by knowing their names and likes and dislikes. You can also be empathetic by understanding them, their emotions, and their problems.

You have to sound like a person so they can feel that they’re talking to a human.

2- Use User Generating Content

USG makes the customer feels that you’re noticing them, appreciating them and that you’re paying attention to them; this is one of the best ways to earn your customer’s loyalty and trust and it is guaranteed to make them feel they’re dealing with a human, not a robot.

3- Be Transparent

You need to be honest and transparent with your customers about the decisions you make; for any changes you make, you have to inform them and give them real explanations. For example, if you’re increasing your product’s price, then you have to inform them and state the reason why. If you’re collecting their data, then you have to announce it with explaining.

4- More Human Engagement on Social Media

You have to engage with your customers on social media and this can be done through using user-generated content and by replying to their comments and messages even if they are praising you or making random jokes to engage with something you posted.



Why Is It Important?

This type of marketing has many benefits that can make a brand stand out among its competitors. One of its benefits is enhancing the customer experience and gaining many more potential customers.

As a customer, imagine instead of dealing with a brand, you’re dealing with a human who understands your complaints and so on. When a customer feels that they are dealing with a human, they can have a certain amount of tolerance if they made a mistake because humans make mistakes.

Human-to-human marketing enables you to build a strong relationship with your customers and gain their loyalty and trust. Humanizing your marketing can also make you gain more customers; in fact, most of the popular brands use this way of marketing even with handling their customers on social media.


Human-to-human marketing will enable you to understand and communicate better with your customers.

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