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How Zero Content Marketing Strategy Led to 10K Fans in 4 Days

While content marketing number 1 challenge is insufficient resources, We witnessed an exceptional growth of new fan page called  Same Photo Ragheb Alama. The fan page do nothing but posting the same picture for the Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama.

Gaining 10K new fans in 4 days organically with no promotional ad investment is not easy. It’s something that grabbed Think Marketing Team attention and we thought it will be fun to research and publish some facts about the page. While we do think about enhancing our digital content strategy everyday, We find the simplicity and consistency of the page is one of the up-normal things that we don’t see every day.

Ragheb Alama selection is a smart choice. He is one of the beloved pop stars in MENA region. In general, We do not think it’s about Ragheb Alama himself and we cannot confirm nor deny that the page could be a part of digital behavior experiment !

In a way, We can call it the curious case of Ragheb Alama Photo and here-under are are exploring some facts that would un-code the dramatic growth of the fan page which rely on one image, zero text, zero videos, zero hash-tag and still producing content that engages.

Facts and Figures

  • The Engagement Rate is calculated by taking the total PTAT (people talking about this) and divide by the total number of likes. Same Photo Ragheb Alama Engagement Rate is 33.76 % which is really good !
  • No Hash-tags use !
  • On average, posts get 389 likes, comments and shares. Seems like Ragheb Alama is a really good reason for engaging your fans on Facebook !
  • Response Rate: Catastrophic. They simply never respond to any comment !
  • Only one milestone documented on 1000 Likes dated 25 April !

As we think [Same Photo Ragheb Alama] page exceptional engagement needs a psychological analysis more than digital insights! One Factor we noticed is time of publishing: Perfect timing! The page publish the majority of posts between 18 – 21 (GMT). At this time, fans seem to be most active.

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