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How World Cup is unintentionally uniting Arab countries

For the first time in history, four Arab nations secured a place in the Fifa World Cup which gave a huge boost of nationalism to the whole Arab region.

To say that sport in general and football in particular can bring people together may be a cliché, but there is no other way of describing the world game’s power to reach across divides to an extent that politicians can only dream of.

Palestinians supporting Arab’s teams in Russia

The Palestine Cellular Communications Company, doing business as Jawwal (Arabic: جوال ), decided to join the world cup mania by producing a song dedicated to the four qualified Arab teams.

Palestine attempt to qualify for the World Cup were unsuccessful but the promotional song decided to give tribute to the Arab world from the heart of Palestine to show support for the Arab nations for World Cup in Russia.

The comments on the video is saluting back Palestinians for the idea and the message of love they spread on social media across all Arab nations even the un-qualified countries.

Mohamed Salah: More than 100M Egyptian supporters.

Egypt do not produce figures like Um Kalthum or Naguib Mahfouz anymore, until Mohamed Salah came to prove that Egypt is still able to surprise the world with more talents and inspiring players in all fields.

Mohamed Salah’s sensational impact on the field has taken the Arab world by storm but the effect he is having off it, while more subtle, is arguably equally significant.

But the Arab fans thought that 100 Million Egyptians are not enough and Salah should add more Arab nations to join the Egyptian dream at World Cup.

The world cup spirit creates a unique kind of solidarity between the Arab nations. Social Media once again demonstrates the power of football to surpass borders and nationalities.

Mohamed Salah got replies from Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon and more Arab countries..


Can football unite Arab nations?

Football has already united a nation. Football was powerful enough to end civil war inIvory Coast.

Back in Fifa World Cup 2014, Ivory Coast secured a place in the tournament which gave a huge boost of nationalism to Ivorian nation. Dider Drogba was one the most famous icons of Ivory Coast and apparently the most respected and followed man too.

Do you think that time has come for the Arab world to unite and become strong nations on their own?!

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