How To Promote Gender Equality In The Work Place And Why

Even though we notice there are efforts in trying to close the gender gap but until now there are some companies even big ones struggle with gender equality as they can’t provide it.

So despite the effort, many people, especially women still struggle with gender discrimination in their workplace; sometimes this gender inequality causes employees to leave. Up until this day, there are countries that don’t provide equal pay and we have come through situations where men were preferred over women and sometimes it’s vice versa.

So, whether you’re a man or a woman, this article is for you. We will discuss how to promote gender equality in the workplace and why you should.


What Is Gender Equality In The Workplace?

Before we tell you how to promote gender equality, you need to know and understand what it is first. To simply explain, gender equality means providing equal opportunity, rights, responsibilities, and pay to an individual despite their gender.

This is not only regarding the workflow but also regarding the work environment itself and among the employees, which means that no employee nor a manager should treat another employee differently based on their gender.


Equal Opportunities

Despite the employees’ gender, you have to provide the same opportunities so they all can improve.

Men and women should have the same opportunities to develop and improve. For example, if you own a business, you shouldn’t be providing more courses or more opportunities to a certain gender; everyone in your company needs to be equal to the other.


Equal Pay

Whether it’s a man or a woman, an equal payment must be provided.

Even though people have been doing huge efforts to achieve gender equality, there are some companies and even countries that don’t provide equal pay! In fact, through the years we have been seeing women in other countries protest against not having equal pay to men! Also, some companies, tend to hire women to give them a small salary.

So, as a business owner, whether you have a male or a female employee, you should provide the same salary to both.


Don’t Be Biased

Don’t favor one gender over the other; being biased especially in the workplace could cause huge harm to your entity.

We have heard many stories about managers being biased toward a certain gender. For example, some managers tend to let their male employees get away with their mistakes unlike female employees, and vice versa; some female managers can be biased toward their female employees.

So, to sum this up, as a manager, your job is to treat everyone equally despite their gender. Your job is to manage and teach, not to be biased and push employees to resign.


Create A Diverse Environment

Your work environment needs to have both men and women.

Some managers tend to hire a certain gender more than the other, this could affect the entity negatively as it can make the employees uncomfortable. Whether you hire men or women only, it will raise controversy around your entity and you won’t have the best reputation unless you run a type of business that needs a certain type of gender. For example, if you’re running a cosmetic clinic, you might need females only to deal with your female patients.


Create A Strict Harassment Policy

Some employees face many types of harassment, you need to be careful it doesn’t happen to your employees.

Many employees get harassed in the workplace and some fail to file a complaint so they end up leaving. So, as a manager, you need to pay attention to what’s happening inside your company and with your team members.

Both genders can get harassed, so you need to implement a strict policy.


Why Is It Important?

A workplace that provides gender equality creates a safe place for all people.

Gender equality in the workplace can create a safe work environment where people feel safe and can be themselves without worrying that someone might judge them or makes them feel less than everyone. It will also enhance the company’s culture and reputation and it will attract more employees.

The concept of gender equality can actually lead women to leadership positions.


So, being biased won’t make your company go anywhere and you will have constant troubles with the work environment.

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