How To Pass On A Job Offer Without Burning Bridges

As employees, we all have been through some tricky situations where we received a job offer but wanted to turn it down. The trickiest part in this situation is that we want to turn it down without being blacklisted or gaining a reputation that we apply for a vacancy and then turn it down.

Although this might seem one of the most embarrassing situations, there are a few steps to follow that can help you turn down a job offer without burning bridges.

Here’s what you can do to never lose a future opportunity with a company.


Don’t Ghost Them

You have to face the situation and let them know your decision.

Ignoring the job offer and not replying to the company will put you in a terrible situation and you will lose this company forever. In fact, ghosting them will make you look as if you don’t have any respect for the company and the interviewer.

So, don’t ghost them, and instead, communicate and let them know you’ll pass on this opportunity.


Don’t Take Too Long

You have to be aware that your response needs to be fast.

When you receive the offer, don’t put it on hold and wait a couple of days to answer; you need to decide whether you will join or not and give a straight honest answer. Taking too long to answer will waste the company’s time and yours as well.


Don’t Provide Too Many Details But Give A Proper Elaboration

You’re not required to give them details about the reason why you’re rejecting, but you can elaborate on why you’re passing on the offer now.

You have to know that there’s a difference between providing details and reasons. You don’t have to say all the details of why you’re rejecting but you can elaborate on why you’re passing on this opportunity. For example, you can say that you just got promoted or you can state that you’re going through some other commitments that won’t allow you to be committed to a new job right now.

You can state this without going into details about why you’re rejecting.


Keep The Door Open

As an employee, you have to know that you should always be careful about not losing a company as you might join it in the future.

You don’t know the future, you might want to join this company in a year or two, so, it is better to leave the door open and let them know that you’re looking forward to joining them. So, ask them to stay in touch and express your desire of joining them in the next open vacancy.


Send An Email and Call If Possible

Don’t just send a simple email that you’re rejecting; if there’s a chance to have a call with the interviewer, then take it.

You have to prepare a well-written email to reject politely and if you are allowed to call the interviewer then it is recommended you’d do so as communication through calls can be better than just an email. It will show that you genuinely care about the position and that you do want to return in the future.

It will also show that you respect the company and the interviewer.


Put in mind that you have to always leave a good impression, even if you’re rejecting an offer. What you’re passing on now, might be the best option for you in the future. 

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