How To Manage Your New Team As A New Manager

It is known that being a manager for the first time is overwhelming especially if you still don’t have enough managerial skills or experience. Some new managers tend to panic when they get promoted especially if they’re about to manage a whole new team.

As scary as it sounds, as challenging as it is.

If you have always aspired to be a manager, then this is your chance. You don’t have to worry as we brought you some tips to guide you on how to manage a new team as a new manager.


1- Get To Know Each Other

One of the essential factors in managing a team is getting to know each other as it will help you both in communication.

The first thing you should do as a manager is to have a meeting with your new team and know each member of them and let them know who you are. When you and your team get to know each other, it will give some guidance on how to communicate and build a bond with them.

This will also help you understand each member individually and know how to communicate with them separately.

When you do this, you will be able to avoid mistakes and avoid being disliked by your team.


2- Lead By Example

If you want your employees to start behaving in a certain way then start by yourself. As a manager, you will influence their overall behavior as teams always look up to their manager.

So, you should know how to set yourself as an example for them. What you say and do will affect their behavior at work, so make sure you always do your best so you encourage them to do like you and don’t forget to appreciate their effort.


3- Deliver The Company’s Vision and Goal

You and your employees should work together to achieve the company’s goals.

The company’s employees have to be on the same page and understand the company’s vision. Delivering the company’s vision accurately will definitely make your team work hard and achieve the company’s goals.


4- Create an Environment For You And Your Team

Since you’re the only one who knows your team well, you should create the proper environment for them to thrive and develop.

Ways to Make a Positive Work Environment – Created by Professional Leadership Institute

Make sure you create a healthy environment and treat everyone fairly, don’t prefer an employee over the other, and always appreciate their hard work and effort. A healthy work environment will help your employees improve and increase their productivity; in fact, it will help them thrive.

It will also earn you a good reputation as a manager among other company employees.


5- You Both Are New, So Be Patient

You both are learning and figuring out the process, so be patient with them and yourself.

It is normal to face some difficulties at first as you and your team still getting to know each other. So, you should expect mistakes to happen and miscommunication between you and your team. Accept the fact that this is like a testing period; you’re testing yourself and your team to know your strengths and weaknesses.

So have the patience to teach and to learn and everything will be on the right track later.


6- Always Develop Your Managing Skills

You will always need more managerial skills to be able to improve yourself as a manager. This is also how you become a leader and a mentor.

Top 10 Management Skills according to CQ Net – Management skills at work.

More skills will enable you to manage bigger teams and even more than just one team. In fact, this can help you start your own business as you will know how to lead and be someone employees can learn from.


Being a manager is all about learning and passing experience to create teams that can someday lead a whole company.

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