How To Make A Successful Career Switch Into Marketing

New to marketing? Find the most important steps to a successful career change

So, you became fascinated about marketing and what you have been seeing on social media from agencies to advertisements; all of this can drive you to be interested in building a career in marketing but the only obstacle is that you know nothing about it.

We were all in your shoes someday, at a certain point in our lives, we knew nothing about marketing with its fields, but we learned and we decided to take our first step towards building a career.

If you made the same decision, here are some things to know to help guide you in starting your career.


1- Is Marketing the Career You Want?

Before deciding that marketing is the career for you, you have to do your research first. Understand what marketing is and know its fields.

Today, online marketing is the field that includes many positions, and since everything became virtual, it’s the one to go for. Many companies are specialized in online marketing so it might be easy to find a job later on when you have experience and when you decide which field you want to be specialized in.


2- Change Your Mindset

Marketing or brand managers often say that their work feels like “being the CEO” of their assigned brands or products.

Once you join marketing and communication field, you should switch also your mind set to be more result driven. To succeed, you should start making an impact on your brand KPI’s right away, which many people find challenging.

You must be sure that on-going challenges is such a big part of the marketing game.

3- Determine Your Field

After doing your research and knowing all of the marketing fields, you will notice that there is a certain field that you can succeed in.

When you pick the desired field, you have to do more research to know every detail about it and what people who carry this title do, so you know what you will be doing in the future and if you can start your career path based on this job or not.


4- Get Certified

After gathering all of the information you need, the next step is searching for a place that gives proper marketing courses.

You can’t pick any random place, ask your friends and ask people on social media for the best place that will be giving you a certification when you finish your course. Also, this course has to teach you all about marketing in its fields.


5- Build Connections

You can’t be on your own in this, you have to meet new people and you have to build connections; those connections will be a helping hand later on in the future.

Building connections is essential, they can help you applying for jobs and even teaching you more about your desired field.


6- Seek a Mentor

We all need someone to guide us at a certain point in our career and to point us in the right direction; this someone is called a mentor. You won’t be able to start your career without advice from experienced people, by the time you will find yourself always asking a certain person for advice and for ways to get better.

Having a mentor and having someone who believes in you and your skills will always push you forward.


7- Improve Your Skills

The marketing field requires many skills and also the field you want to specialize in. As we mentioned earlier you have to build connections so you will be needing to work on your communication skills.

Also, If you tend to write then you need to improve your writing skills and your creativity; always search for ways to develop your skills and do a lot of practicing to master those skills.


8- Apply to jobs and even unpaid internships

You know how companies don’t hire unless the candidate has a proper experience, so if a company offered you an unpaid internship, take it, it will add up to your experience.

We all started with this at the beginning of our career, don’t let it frustrate you and make you think that you will never get a job in the field, you will, but it will take a little bit of time.

Look at the bright side that you’re gaining experience, and the more you prove yourself, the more chances you’ll get in getting hired.


We hope we helped a little bit and you can share with us how you managed to start your marketing career.

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