How the Astro-Lion viral video turned from humor to inspiration

You see videos on YouTube and Facebook with millions of views and you wonder — where did they all come from?

The traditional teaser in short video designed to pique the interest of the audience and get potential viewers excited and curious about an upcoming reveal.

Consumers demand more than traditional forms of engagement. That’s why teaser campaigns plays a very important part in the marketing equation. However, the best teasers should go viral in a short and sweet format to amuse and entertain digital audience.


The awkward video become popular through viral sharing on Facebook to reach almost 900K organic viewership in one week.

The video publisher seems to know how things go viral on the internet as the video turned to be an epic viral marketing video for Hisham Kharma and Hany Adel hit – Yomein.

The ASTROLION Identity Reveal

Ultimately, a successful launch. Hisham Kharma, the lion and Hany Adel, the Astronaut revealed the secret behind the epic viral video.

The sarcastic video turned to be a strong message for youth that says: You can produce the results that you need, you can become the person that you want, your dreams can become reality, there is only one person stopping you, and that is you!

The song tells a story of the Astrolion team is meant to deliver an inspiring message of optimism, hope for better future and dreams that really can be a reality by changing your mindset and how you challenge your circumstances.

The astronaut and his friend, The lion, decided to challenge all failures and they just made it. Now it’s all good to recognize what you can actually do if you find out that you can achieve your dreams by changing your thoughts and dreaming big?

All of what you are doing right now was once first just a dream in your mind and you having complete control over all of your thoughts that can produce many results with your mind.

The ASTROLION Concert:

The video song also shows a poster that announce an upcoming concert for the Asrto-Lion team that should be held on the next 27th of September.

We can neither confirm nor deny about the team up between Hisham Kharma and Hany Adel AKA the Astrolion in upcoming concerts. We tried to find a trace for the live concert announcement with no luck.

Do you think they should really work on a live concert?
We are definitely looking forward to see more optimistic yet inspiring works like this.

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