How Many KISSES in This Advert ?

The National kissing day has been running on 19th of June for 10 years in UK. But if we have a National kissing day in Egypt, It will be the biggest worldwide. Why? Because we love to get in touch !

Egyptians love to communicate in so many ways and one of our remarkable ways is…  kissing. In some cultures a man kissing another would be marked as weird or, to be blunt it would be understood as “homo-sexual” but its different in Egypt. We kiss in consolation, we kiss in wedding parties we kiss all the time.

And because, we are “THE WORLD’S MOST KISSING NATION” Shave Code advert just won Dubai Lynx Silver Award for Best Film in 2015. The festival activities took place last week on 8th of March – Jumeirah, Dubai

Watch the video and tell us how many KISSES in this Advert ?

Director : Adham Elsherif
DOP : Atef Nashed
Editor : Magdy Kamal
1st Assistant Director : Hassan Neama
2nd Assistand Director : Mohab Ashraf
Colorist : Mohamed Elsharkawy

Agency: Kairo
Creative Director: Hesham Ellabban – Montaser Khalil

Client: shave code

Production House: HAMA
Head Producer: Hesham Soliman
Producer: Feras Quqa
Production Manager: Samer Salah

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