How Juhayna is Acting Responsibly Amid COVID-19

We are going through a hard time since all businesses are threatened by the effect of Coronavirus. This is the right time for us to stick together to be able to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. We have seen some heroic actions from brands towards our community to raise awareness and to help others who are in need.

Juhayna is one of these brands and it is following up with the current situation to monitor how it is evolving to be ready with the proper response and to offer help. Therefore, it is taking serious safety measures towards its employees and our community.

Juhayna is Applying the Safety Precautions Perfectly

Ever since COVID-19 started to spread rapidly, Juhayna has been putting its employees’ safety as a priority. The company has been applying serious restrictions following the government’s to keep the employees safe from the Coronavirus. Juhayna’s main priority is its employees’ health as the company is making sure that everyone is safe while maintaining the work process to suffice the consumers’ demands.

The company has been applying the precautions of the World Health Organization and the government on its employees. All cafeterias and praying areas are closed to avoid any crowdedness; It is making sure that all premises are being deeply sanitized and cleaned three times a day, surfaces are being cleaned carefully and bathrooms are being cleaned and sterilized every hour.


The Process of Working from Home is Perfectly Applied

To keep the employees and their families safe, Juhayna applied the “Work from Home” process. The process is applied to the following employees, those whose physical attendance is not mandatory, and those who suffer from chronic diseases or low immunity, pregnant women, and employees who have children with medical needs or under the age of 12 or living with elderly parents.


Restrictions Are Enforced on Employees Who Work On-Site

Not all employees are capable of working remotely; some have to work on-site to serve Juhayna’s consumers. The company made sure of keeping them safe by distributing safety kits that contain masks, gloves, vitamins, and sanitizers.

Juhayna also advised its employees to avoid public transportation and if it’s necessary then they must follow the safety measures.

Therefore, the company is sterilizing its buses and put sanitizers in all transportations including trucks to make sure the vehicles and employees and being sanitized. The company also installed and distributed hand sanitizers in its all premises to be available to all employees.

All safety precautions are applied to suppliers are contractors to avoid any infection.

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Posted by Juhayna Corporate on Saturday, April 4, 2020

Social Distancing and Staying Home Are Being Strictly Followed

To avoid any possible contagion, Juhayna prevented any external visits unless it’s necessary.

To keep a social distance between employees, Juhayna decided to make all meetings through video conference and those urgent ones are being held with a limited number of employees, a maximum of 10 employees. The company canceled all of March and April events along with all travel until further notice.


Employees’ Health is Being Taken Care of

The brand is making sure to take care of its employees’ physical and mental health. It is supporting them with tips for mental health consideration and checking on their health daily. If any employee has flu symptoms, they are forced 2 weeks’ leave and will have tests when they return.

Juhayna is making sure to raise awareness between its employees, as they were educated on the symptoms of the coronavirus so they can pass it on to their families. Employees were also given a list of Dos and Don’ts and tips on how to strengthen their immune system through vitamins and a proper nutrition system. The company also placed messages in all offices reminding people to follow the precautions of social distance and frequent hand wash with sanitizing with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Juhayna to Raise Awareness and Helping the Community

Juhayna is going in parallel with government restrictions and has been urging people to follow the precautions to avoid any contagion. The brand has been using its social media platforms to raise awareness on the importance of staying home, and social distance and providing guidelines that people should follow to avoid getting COVID-19.

بمساعداتكم وتبرعاتكم قدرنا ندعم متضرري العمالة اليومية خلال الأزمة الحالية ونعوضهم جزء من احتياجاتهم. دعم العمالة…

Posted by Egyptian Food Bank on Sunday, April 12, 2020

The company is supporting the daily labor initiative, therefore, Juhayna accepted Nestle’s challenge and collaborated with the Egyptian Food Bank. It will be helping 5000 families who lost their day-to-day job and will be donating packs of food to help other families get through these tough circumstances.

The brand also challenged Dettol and Philips Lighting to keep the geed deeds going so people in need would survive.

Juhayna is always on the lookout for any possible way to help the community and people during this hard time and there will be more initiatives from it to come.

We hope that every entity is taking the same serious measures as Juhayna to keep everyone safe during this tough period.

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