How Egyptian brands spread the love on Mother’s Day 2018

On most days, we take our mothers for granted. She cooks, she cleans, she taught us that we are what is good in the world (or bad) and she was always there for us when we needed her.

Everyone has a mother, someone who was there for them, whether to support you with her advice or to hunt you down with her rage when you’ve been naughty.

Today is a mother’s most special day, where many remember to fully appreciate all the things she has done for us.

To thank mothers all across the country, brands have reached out to appreciate and cherish Egyptian mothers everywhere. Here are our top picks.



Not many holidays and special occasions go past this ad juggernaut. Vodafone’s ad just goes to show, no matter how badass you may act, your mom will always be there to smoother you with love and cuteness.


Elaraby Group

Mothers don’t just take care of our bodies, but our self-esteem and emotional states. They reach out to hold our hands when things get tough and love us regardless. Elaraby showcases this in their cute musical ad for this year’s Mother’s Day.


Kiri Egypt

Motherhood is often underestimated, and many women don’t realize the amount of good work they do as mothers. Kiri Egypt steps forward to remind mothers that they are great just the way they are.


Baheya Foundation

A mother’s name is one of the most used words in any child’s vocabulary, even when we’ve grown.

The non-profit foundation reaches out, asking viewers to help other mothers be there for their children by donating to the foundation to help beat breast cancer in Egypt.



What is the most powerful lie detector, and knows your secrets? A mother of course!

Knorr has fun with this short and sweet ad about this mother superpower.



This fun and catchy ad was created to help the people who may have forgotten about Mother’s Day and are in search for something to surprise her with this year.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola helps out Mothers this year with their brand new 2 litter bottle, which will contain recipes hidden behind the bottle’s labels. Their ad is classic Coca Cola, keeping with the brand’s soft and family-oriented branding.


Emirates NBD

Mixing emotional lyrics and rap, this brand’s Mother’s day ad definitely stood out from the usual ads that come out around this time.

Showing off a mother’s daily struggles in a comedic yet touching manner while using an unconventional music choice, Emirates NBD’s ad is a strong contender for this year’s top Mother’s Day ads.


Mandolin has been on a roll for almost a year now and continues their great localized content this Mother’s Day. As usual, the brand’s voiceover actor brings his A-game this is hilarious spot.

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