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PR + Content works hand-in-hand: by Influence Communications

Content Marketing, while not a new word, has yet to be completely accepted in today’s local digital and offline marketing and PR. Many use it to directly promot...

Are local audiences ready for AR and VR? CGEVO talks about immersive experience

The local marketing scene continues to be full of potential, talent and self-imposed limitations. Many marketers remain persistent in the classic ways of mass a...

CIB wins Best Emerging Markets Bank award, shows power of local banking

Emerging markets are just that, emerging and constantly growing. They are growing forces of economic power that are still evolving and still innovating. While e...

The Lamborghini OPPO Find X: Faster is always better

The future of technology has always looked bright as thousands of tech startups and companies battle to make tech easier, affordable and more efficient. Technol...

Egypt supports banning lethal autonomous weapons AKA Killer Robots

New rapid changes and technologies are bringing us closer to building real lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs). Weapons that won’t be controlled by humans. It’s no...

Google I/O 2018: Google’s AI is calling and you’ll never recognize it as a machine!

It’s that month of the year when the world’s biggest tech companies come out of their giant tech parks to present us with their newest work and updates. Just a ...