Hit Entertainment "Create a Story not AD"

We all going to bathroom, or smoke a cigarette, when the ad break come during watching an excited episode in a TV series in RAMDAN, Especially when the TV channels increase the ads dose in a successful TV Show. When we Think Marketing, People love ads, and share it online or verbally when your brand represented in a creative way.But people tend to love the story more and in MENA they used to capture part of the advertising campaigns buzz words to be used in the daily life situations.

Who can say that we can tell a story in 30 sec!!

I doubt that we can build a dramatic twist or rhythm in 30 or, even 60 sec. [average TV Commercial duration is 30 seconds] that’s why the most two prestigious festivals of Ads Cannes, and Lynx adopted a branded content category.

Bad briefs leads to good Adverts and good briefs leads to bad adverts. I heard such sentences many times form account managers and brand managers agency side, or client side and from my side, I said it’s a matter of limited formats, as it’s not necessarily to deliver marketers’ messages through the traditional methods; 30 sec TV Ads, outdoor, radio Ads, digital Ads, etc……

What we can do?

Simply it’s entertainment, when linkage of the brand personality with people using unconventional formats to tell the brand story, it might be product placement inside good drama, comedy or, suspense keeping in mind to execute in a smart way, or web episodes featuring fantastic content.

It’s not that easy to build up branded story with entertainment output, the Story that influence the viewer’s minds and touch their feelings, which is the shortest way to achieve goals and have deepest impact.

While with the following 4 main points we can sketch up branded story:
1: Key drivers – What should we act proactively on?

2: Brand promise delivery – What is the journey build on?

3: Journey – What do we want to achieve with it?

4: Goal – What are the criteria for success?

Now branded content come up with wide space to create your own format and deliver your brand message, as we think marketing, people like who entertain more than who sell.

Ehab Gamal

Product Placement inside Ramadan TV Series, Movies, Music and TV shows. Branded Content Specialist