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EgyptAir plane Hijacker: He’s not a terrorist, he’s a lover!

Biggest news today is the Egypt Air hijacking –An Egypt Air plane was hijacked this morning en route to Cairo and flown to Larnaca airport in Cyprus.

The man who hijacked Egypt Air plane during a routine domestic flight to Cairo and forced it to land on the island of Cyprus on Tuesday has surrendered and was taken into custody after he released all the passengers and crew. A hostage situation ensued, but it has now ended with the hijacker in custody.

The man’s motivation was unclear, but Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said the hijacking was “not something that has to do with terrorism” and a Cyprus government official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said the man “seems (to be) in love.”

Hijacker’s ‘suicide belt’ was fake:

“This is not about terrorism. This is about the individual action of a person who is psychologically unstable,” said the Cypriot foreign ministry’s permanent secretary, Alexandros Zenon.

Officials in Cyprus have said the supposed suicide belt worn by the hijacker was not real, Reuters has quoted Egypt’s civil aviation ministry as saying.

Hijacker ‘in love’ forced EgyptAir plane to fly to Cyprus in bid to deliver letter to ex-wife:

A love-sick Egyptian hijacker who commandeered a plane and forced it to land in Cyprus in a bid to get a letter to his ex-wife was a rich topic on Social Media for sharing tweets and posts about the crisis which was really a love crisis.

Some people found it very romantic to see a man who is ready to risk it all just for the sake of delivering a letter for his ex-wife:


The Hijacker Selfie

Not sure who was crazier – The plane hijacker himself, or the dude who took a selfie with the hijacker.

Let us know your opinion about the hijacker?

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