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Here’s What Egypt Searched For In 2020

2020 was one of a kind year! We witnessed a pandemic and a quarantine that forced us to stay home for months! These circumstances had us existing on social media and Google almost 24/7.

Usually, when we have plenty of time in our hands we tend to Google anything and just do some research on anything we can think of; and this year we had more than just plenty of time, our search engines are probably full with many questions.

So, are you ready to know what Egyptians googled during 2020?

Let’s find out!


Google Knows What The Whole World Searched For

Every year Google publishes a video on their YouTube channel contains what people around the world have been searching for.

Since 2020 witnessed major changes and events, it is interesting to know what people had in mind this year. Google answered this question for us!

In a newly published 3 minutes video, Google has revealed the topics people searched for the most in 2020! And of course, it’s without a doubt that the Coronavirus is one of these topics!

The video will make you go through an emotional roller-coaster; it will remind you of the times you spent in quarantine and the beginning of the Coronavirus. And not just that, you will remember the Australia fires and the loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

We won’t spoil the whole video, though; watch the video below.


What Did Egyptians Google?

Google divided the searched topics into 6 categories and we will tell you what these categories have. But first, let’s get familiar with the 6 categories.

1- Questions

2- Songs

3- Series

4- Celebrities and Public Figures

5- Most Popular Searches

6- The Egyptian Premier League

It’s without a doubt that the first category’s number 1 search was about the Coronavirus and to be accurate it was “Tips about the coronavirus”. The second question was how to workout at home, while the third was how to write a resume.

And since many people decided to spend some time in the kitchen, the fourth question was “Ideas for healthy dinner”. The fifth topic belonged to tips to keep the environment safe.


The Entertainment Categories

This year witnessed the release of many new songs and TV series! This is why in the songs category, we can find that people searched for popular “Mahaganat” and they are:

1- 3oud El-Batal

2- Bent El-geeran

3- Mahragan Hala Wallah

4- 3oud El-banat

5- Shams El-magara

Interesting songs’ choice we all had this year!

As for the series category, of course, Al-Ekhteyar belonged to the first spot while Paranormal belonged to the second spot. Right after these two, come El-brens series, El-Nehaya, and the famous La Casa De Papel.

As for celebrities and public figures, Haneen Hossam took the first place, Hassan Shakoush took the second, and Mohamed Shouman took the third.

Since the famous footballer, Moamen Zakareya made headlines this year, he was in the fourth spot and his fellow footballer Ramadan Sobhy in the fifth.


The Final Two Categories

Of course, we can all predict the number one searched topic, it’s COVID-19. Right after COVID-19, comes the 2020 Thanaweya Amma results and in the third-place comes “Support Egypt”. As for the fourth and the fifth, they belonged to the American Elections and The Egyptian premier league.

As for the last category, it was all about the Egyptian premier league! Of course, the first place is for the historic game between Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek, which was a huge buzz all over Egypt. The second spot is for Al-Zamalek Vs Al-Taragy, and the third one is for Al-Ahly Vs Tanta. As for the fourth, it belonged to Al-Ahly Vs Al-Masry, and the fifth is for Al-Helal Vs Al-Ahly.


All of these searched topics accurately sums up 2020 with most of its major events.

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