Here’s What Can Happen When You Keep Saying Yes at Work

Being new in a company can drive you to do anything to give a good impression and to please your managers. Some people tend to say yes to anything a co-worker or a manager asks, even if it’s not in their area of expertise.

Also, you don’t have to be new, some people are shy to say no, so they end up saying yes to everything. This happens because they don’t want to embarrass a co-worker who needs help. This is not a problem if you have free time but if you don’t, it will cause you many troubles.

Here are some of the things that can happen when you say yes at work all the time.


1- Many Stressful Days

Saying Yes to every task you get just to please people, will make you stressed and will load you with work.

Before saying yes to help someone or to another task, you have to check if you’re done with your previously assigned tasks. If you have work to do and accepted other tasks, you will end up having a stressful day. You will be anxious because you have too many things to do, and because you have a deadline.

So, make sure you have some time in your hand before saying yes to anything.


2- Lack of Organization

Having too many things to work on will ruin your daily schedule, and will cause a huge mess.

When you load yourself with work, you will lose the ability to organize your day. You will feel lost because of the too many tasks you promised to deliver. This will also make your thoughts go over the place; you won’t be able to organize them to know how your day will go.


3- Missing Deadlines

When you have too many projects to deliver or when you focus on helping your colleagues instead of finishing your tasks, you will end up missing deadlines.

Doing your job and accepting more or helping others will make you lose focus. You can spend some time helping a colleague and end up forgetting about an urgent task. And sometimes you can work on a task and forget your current project.

Lack of focus will happen because you will be worried about finishing everything on time. This can actually make you miss a deadline.


4- People Will Expect More From You

People will expect you to do this all the time and when you skip once, you will be disappointing them.

The more you say yes, the more work you’ll get. People will start thinking that you always have the time to do more tasks or to help them. So, if you ever said no because you already have too much work or you have to do something else, they will be disappointed.

You can’t always meet people’s expectations; so when you say yes, let them know that there will be times when you won’t be able to help.


5- Losing The Ability to Schedule

When you keep saying yes to any project or to help someone, you won’t know how to schedule your tasks anymore.

Going to work without knowing what you will be doing other than your original work, will make you lose the ability to schedule. You might think you will finish on time, but due to your promises, you might stay after working hours.


6- It’s Not All So Bad In The End

Even though saying yes might seem a bad idea, it has its own perks.

Doing more work will give you a lot of experience and will help you create a decent portfolio. Also, helping your colleagues will help you build a good relationship with them. So, the bright side is that you will have connections, you will have a good reputation, and you will add more to your experience.


In the end, it’s ok to say yes but do it when you have time and if it won’t affect your work and your deadlines.

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