The Most Remarkable Adverts of 2021 [Editors’ Choice]

2021 was like a revival year right after the hiatus that happened in 2020. Every creative saw 2021 as a huge opportunity to give their best and to create the best adverts to make up for what happened last year.

Over the year we have witnessed the release of some amazingly creative adverts, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Even before and after Ramadan, some brands have surprised us with creative campaigns and adverts.

Since this year was full of adverts, we decided to take some time to remember the remarkable adverts of 2021.


Let’s start off with the brand that never failed to impress us.

Molto has released two campaigns this year; one was a collaboration with the comedy icon Mohamed Henedy and the other one was a collaboration between Molto and Orange and both brands collaborated with Maged Al-Kedwany and Akram Hosny.

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These two adverts gained millions of views and not a single person left a negative comment on the adverts.
The brand succeeded to create 2 memorable campaigns that were absolutely admired.

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The organization of Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund

In Ramadan, this advert went extremely viral for how creative it is.

The organization wanted to show how drug abuse can affect addicts and how it can turn their lives upside down. In less than a minute the advert showed their journey clearly.

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Newjersey Developments

Let’s remember how the football player Marwan Mohsen “Trendjacked” himself.

We have to give a round of applause for this advert for two things, its creative idea and for convincing Mohsen to do it.

The brand used the trend of Marwan Mohsen always missing chances to score and related it to the possibility of missing a chance to buy an apartment.


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Vodafone and Mother’s Day

9 months later, people still remember and love this advert.

This advert is the perfect representation of the relationship between a mother and a child. It showcases how a mother can be tough on their kid but doesn’t allow anyone to tell them a bad word or criticize them.


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Vodafone x Sherihan

When we mention Vodafone, we have to mention its amazing Ramadan campaign featuring the great singer, actress, and dancer Sherihan.

The advert showed the whole story of sherihan’s life and how she’s now back after 20 years.


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Etisalat x Ahmed Helmy

Speaking in codes, this is what the advert was all about.

The advert went viral on all social media platforms and people started analyzing it and tracing this old street language back to when Egypt was colonized by Britain.

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Banque Misr

As usual, Banque Misr always launches motivational campaigns.

Banque Misr’s adverts are known to always go viral for how catchy their jingles are. Every Ramadan, the Banque releases a new advert with a new jingle that grabs our attention and encourages us to follow our dreams and never give up.

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Alex Bank x Mo Salah

Alex bank collaborated with the Egyptian King and created one of the funniest adverts.

The advert showed how people can judge a football player’s performance without understanding the whole situation, which is what happens with Mo Salah sometimes.


We: Samir Ghanem And Amy Samir Ghanem

Remembering the late legend Samir Ghanem and his amazing and unique sense of humor.

Before the great actor passes away We collaborated with him and left us a humorous advert that we all remember now.


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Pepsi x Mo Salah

This advert was recently launched and even though we wrote about it, it had to join this list of remarkable adverts of 2021.

The advert shows the life and evolution of the Egyptian King along with the evolution of Pepsi. It was admired by everyone and it gained millions of views in only 2 days.



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McDonald’s: McCafe

McDonald’s releases a killer advert that is highly creative and funny.

The brand mocked Starbucks for always asking its customers too many questions when they order coffee.

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Ramadan 2021: Remarkable Jingle-based Adverts

Here are our honorary mentions for jingle-based adverts that were released this year.

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From your point of view, tell us in a comment… What was your favorite advert in 2021?

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