Halan Unveils New Tuktuk Adverts; Egypt’s OOH Landscape Grows

Out of home advertising is attention-grabbing and not as invasive as other advertising methods, making it a classic on any marketing plan; for those with big budgets (giant billboards) to those will none (guerrilla OOH ads). Egypt’s OOH options just expanded once more with a recent announcement by local transportation startup Halan.

The Cairo-based tuk-tuk and motorcycle ride-hailing startup launched Halan Ads on Monday, adding a brand new option to marketers in the city. The new feature will enable brands to advertise on its fleet of tuk-tuks and motorcycles, the startup told MENAbytes. Ads will be available in the form of wraps on tuk-tuks and small billboards on motorbikes. The startup had been working to launch Halan Ads for a few weeks and already has at least three corporate clients.

This is not the first new OOH option to come out this summer, another local OOH startup launched earlier in June named Adzily.

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Just like Adzily, Halan is hoping to merge the classic mass reach of OOH with digital advantages such as dashboards and metrics. According to MENABytes, “starting with post-campaign analysis, Halan also aims to introduce dashboards and analytical tools for both captains and brands to track ads and learn how they’re performing.”

Mohamed Aboulnaga, Halan’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, said, “…Transit media advertising is a globally proven concept but is under-penetrated in Egypt. We are looking at developing a 360-degree channel of advertising, branding, and engagement for brands and consumers.”

Halan estimates that there are about 700,000 tuk-tuks in the country, which could sway many brands to look towards this new marketing option.

The OOH advertising arena is growing, with competition and options expanding. Dynamic OOH ads lead to better brand recall and memorability, and when placed in the right areas, can create direct action. Dynamic OOH advertising also means including the ability to track and measure, just as with digital advertising.

The startup is said to allow advertisers to run A/B testing to understand campaign efficiency, and are also developing analytics dashboards to be integrated with GPS and other telematics tools for better accuracy and ROI calculation.

While the new feature will greatly benefit Halan themselves, they have also considered their drivers, stating that drivers will be able to generate extra income according to how long they stay on the road, supposedly with the ad on their vehicle.

“This initiative is designed as driver-first, putting the financial interest of captains at the forefront. Our core focus remains to be able to maximize the income of our captains. For every participating captain in this program, they stand to generate additional monthly income as a revenue share from us. This would be based on various parameters such as engagement on our platform, distance traveled, customer ratings, etc,” said Halan’s Chief Commercial Officer.

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